When You Don’t Know How to Count Money - Key & Peele

A drug deal hits a snag when the sellers can’t figure out the best way to count the money.

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Key \u0026 Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  • Prateek Dabral
    Prateek Dabral32 minutter siden

    Alternate timeline where hank start working for Tuco Salamanca

  • tae oh
    tae oh5 timer siden

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  • illest james
    illest james7 timer siden

    I like how the filter is yellow

  • freespeechisdead
    freespeechisdead7 timer siden

    Would have been funnier if one single 20 came floating down into the shot while everyone dead on the ground. Just saying.

  • Kevin Charles

    Kevin Charles

    5 timer siden

    Lol that's what I thought was about to happen


    This was so stupid

  • Viewer
    Viewer15 timer siden

    You can tell by the yellow filter that they’re in Mexico

  • Anony- mous
    Anony- mous23 timer siden


  • Evandro Carlo Ciaccia
    Evandro Carlo CiacciaDag siden


  • rajan khoiwal
    rajan khoiwalDag siden

    This color palette is by default Mexico😂😂😂😂


    2:17 behold the dumbest idea ever 😭😭😭


    "I do my 9s, it's faster than 10s"

  • Sebastian Chlebecek
    Sebastian Chlebecek2 dager siden

    If he's sniffing 100% h he'd not be acting like this lmao

  • Sigma Gaming
    Sigma Gaming2 dager siden

    The fact he actually counted them like that though 💀

  • Squid Balls
    Squid Balls2 dager siden

    All that "pure" heroin only worth 100k? I thought they would be worth like half a million.

  • Omar Reyes
    Omar Reyes2 dager siden

    2:13 translation is wrong the narco asked "what are these idiots doing?"... in noticeably broken spanish

  • Derp Wayne

    Derp Wayne

    2 dager siden

    The subtitles are wrong, but there's nothing wrong with his Spanish. He has enough of an accent to tell that he's not a native speaker, but that's hardly enough to call it "broken".

  • Desmond Jones
    Desmond Jones2 dager siden

    20 40 60 80 100🤣

  • Fledder Maus
    Fledder Maus3 dager siden

    Hank Schrader

  • charlie zdybek
    charlie zdybek3 dager siden

    Is that agent schrader

  • Josephine Mogueis
    Josephine Mogueis3 dager siden

    The first that i thought this is a movie im trying to find out what is the name and after watching it i realized its a shortfilm

  • Reyona carry
    Reyona carry3 dager siden

    The female fertile share independently tick because basement formally knock aboard a amuck cup. one, chubby share

  • JK
    JK3 dager siden

    Not funny

  • Mayank Rawal
    Mayank Rawal4 dager siden

    Damn! Creativity.

  • Itz Kold
    Itz Kold4 dager siden

    Plot twist: The title is referring to the guy at the end who left out the $20

  • Ouwi
    Ouwi4 dager siden

    I know someone who got killed "Over 20 bucks"... true story.

  • Michael P
    Michael P4 dager siden

    LOl do you guys realize who that guy with the glasses is?

  • The D Hive
    The D Hive5 dager siden

    Lol you know this sketch is some bs. You don't sniff heroin. Remember Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction?

    MC KEEN ASMA5 dager siden

    For a brief moment, the 0:09 key appears to be "Dwayne Johnson."

  • gregory williams
    gregory williams7 dager siden

    at least he was right at the end lol $20 was missing...

  • Nazmus Sakib
    Nazmus Sakib7 dager siden

    *For a Few Dollars More*

  • Jackson Wright Music
    Jackson Wright Music7 dager siden


  • PsychoTheRapist 69
    PsychoTheRapist 698 dager siden

    This cliche orange filter is so amazing.

  • Charlotte Lim
    Charlotte Lim9 dager siden

    they way he said "well that's a plan right there" killed me

  • impossible riddles
    impossible riddles9 dager siden


  • amoung us
    amoung us9 dager siden

    if it was me I would not complain i would take the money if a was my own boss.......

  • Sonu Jossy Abraham
    Sonu Jossy Abraham10 dager siden

    3:34 You forgot one and see the CONSEQUENCES

  • Shrugin
    Shrugin10 dager siden

    idk what more impressive the fact that they counted the money by throwing it into the air perfectly. or the fact they even out a 2v4 in a standoff.

  • Bee Bay
    Bee Bay10 dager siden

    This is something I would do. This is a hardcore tutorial for me

  • Steven Green
    Steven Green11 dager siden

    Lol it is called a counting machine morons. 😛

  • Mr. Yoshi
    Mr. Yoshi11 dager siden

    Hank has come full circle

  • Erwin Caeril
    Erwin Caeril11 dager siden

    So accurate

  • jervis love
    jervis love11 dager siden

    8 kilos of heroin for 100k?

  • Mojo 86
    Mojo 8611 dager siden

    That’s dean norris right?

  • Stefan B.
    Stefan B.11 dager siden

    At least it's not like the Danish counting system :D

  • Mark Renton
    Mark Renton12 dager siden

    shit I drive that exact same BMW!

  • DeathGun_ 2XeRo
    DeathGun_ 2XeRo12 dager siden

    The guy at the end 😂 "ohhh 💩"

  • Shaheen Singh
    Shaheen Singh12 dager siden

    I love the sketch, but don't ever snort Pure Afghani Heroine like that. Your arteries will explode in few seconds!

  • WonkaBots
    WonkaBots13 dager siden

    He said “I was gon’ try to rainman it” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Humza Khan
    Humza Khan13 dager siden

    That's actually the punchline he was able to count like Rainman

  • Tabrez Mir
    Tabrez Mir13 dager siden

    So that's what hank was doing in Mexico.

  • Atique Raza
    Atique Raza14 dager siden

    This dude clicked the picture of 100k which was with the other side. Genius

  • Marlon Sarmiento
    Marlon Sarmiento15 dager siden

    Hank been actin sus

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi15 dager siden

    It could be me, but pretty sure I didn't see just 1 hank, but 2 of 'em! the bald bodyguard and the boss, right?

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G15 dager siden


  • Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy
    Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy15 dager siden

    You need a Scarface money counter. Look at the song from the film (Push it to the Limit). I want one they are cool and 80s retro too.

  • Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy
    Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy15 dager siden

    They play the part of two guys getting drugs for the Golden Globe celebrities party lol.

  • nathan Mcmahan
    nathan Mcmahan15 dager siden

    Watching the dude scratch his head with his own gun was funny

  • Talha Sayed
    Talha Sayed16 dager siden

    Why is mexico always yellow

  • Truitt Hendrix
    Truitt Hendrix16 dager siden

    You can hear the fakeness in the money

  • Dayax Yare
    Dayax Yare16 dager siden

    HANK SCHRADER with a mustache lool

  • ChinaVlogs
    ChinaVlogs16 dager siden

    3:13 so he counted it.

  • Jay Street
    Jay Street17 dager siden

    8 kg for 100 gs? That’s a steal!

  • irritating monke
    irritating monke17 dager siden

    This pains me

  • siyahthesagi
    siyahthesagi17 dager siden

    Bruh lol

  • Chief Mxhd
    Chief Mxhd17 dager siden

    That mexican accent on point tho

  • solidwaterslayer
    solidwaterslayer18 dager siden

    why don't you just weight the money owO

  • huda karimi
    huda karimi18 dager siden

    LMFAO the last guy would be me

  • LuMnOsITi
    LuMnOsITi18 dager siden

    8 KILOS for £100,000 lolol surely that would be worth millions

  • Cruz Martinez
    Cruz Martinez19 dager siden

    3:31 I lost it when he was like "Aye sh**

  • Oskar
    Oskar19 dager siden

    That is some damn cheap heroin

  • Alice Edwards
    Alice Edwards20 dager siden

    The tacit bottom intriguinly float because female excitingly trace per a remarkable package. light, tart mile

  • Jaachi Nwulu
    Jaachi Nwulu20 dager siden

    All I can think of is breaking bad

  • Bella's Dad
    Bella's Dad21 dag siden

    It looks like the same spot where Hank was killed. 🤔 He faked his death, woke up and became a drug lord.

  • OffBeatBerry 27
    OffBeatBerry 2721 dag siden

    Hank went undercover to track Walt for years by climbing his way up the drug industry. Hanks doesn’t know Walt’s been dead for years.

  • R S
    R S22 dager siden

    I was at the checkout the total was $12.00 I gave my girlfriend $22.00 to give the clerk as I did I told her "I hope this don't mess her up." Sure enough confused the hell out of her.

  • Ernest Jerez
    Ernest Jerez22 dager siden

    5 v.s 2 and they all died not for nothing but they lost the fastest guns in the south

  • Ernest Jerez
    Ernest Jerez22 dager siden

    Lol the rumours Mexico in the beginning killed me

  • KrewLove
    KrewLove22 dager siden

    Makes me want to watch breaking bad again 🤙🏼

  • Lone Beaver
    Lone Beaver23 dager siden

    He actually rainmaned it!!

  • TGilesArt
    TGilesArt24 dager siden

    Was that Jack black at the end?

  • Chance Keyes
    Chance Keyes24 dager siden

    They got fleeced! Its 50k a kilo

  • Joe P.K.
    Joe P.K.24 dager siden


  • jeremy paricutin
    jeremy paricutin24 dager siden


  • deerw24 walker
    deerw24 walker24 dager siden

    I was gonna try to rain man it. 🤣

  • Key D King
    Key D King25 dager siden

    When it’s your first drug deal

  • hassan Ahmed
    hassan Ahmed25 dager siden

    Why didnt they bring a money counting machine?

  • The Equinox
    The Equinox25 dager siden

    what hank schrader did in his spare time

  • Eharmonic$
    Eharmonic$26 dager siden

    Jack black cameo???

  • FX Jin-Seon_Angelic
    FX Jin-Seon_Angelic26 dager siden

    Fr tho, like how do they count it usually? Do they go by stacks or count every dollar ? Lmao

  • black raven
    black raven26 dager siden


  • marvin walker
    marvin walker28 dager siden

    Who sell dope to a cartel??

  • Erwin Caeril
    Erwin Caeril28 dager siden

    He can count

  • Tee Cee
    Tee Cee28 dager siden


  • Kevin M
    Kevin M29 dager siden

    It appears Hank survived and took over Walter's drug empire LOL

  • Josiah Lomas
    Josiah Lomas29 dager siden

    So that's a steal at 100k for 8 kilos of uncut pure heroin...

  • Carolyn Smith Ashkh
    Carolyn Smith Ashkh29 dager siden

    The lazy appendix complimentarily pass because alcohol unequivocally talk mid a adventurous jet. tasty, rhetorical copyright

  • Major General Spencer Reid
    Major General Spencer ReidMåned siden

    Pretty cheap dope...8k’s for 100 grand. Tony Montana offered 13.5 / K.

  • Robbie
    RobbieMåned siden

    What a steal on 8Keys for 100k. Cant blame em.

  • Henry Sjøen
    Henry SjøenMåned siden

    They did the math

  • Taran Jotwani
    Taran JotwaniMåned siden

    I am so straight I laughed out at 0:34

  • L. Lawliet
    L. LawlietMåned siden

    Skyler: Jesus Marie Walts CD was right lmao