When the smack talk goes too far #Shorts #KeyandPeele


Two ultimate fighters make their case for why they’re going to win the big match, but one of them clearly takes it more seriously than the other. #Shorts #KeyandPeele
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Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  • Marcus
    Marcus3 timer siden

    Bruh he is crying 😂 Now I am

  • Rubena Bell
    Rubena Bell20 timer siden

    We just talkin🤣

  • Gzon Pzor
    Gzon PzorDag siden

    Michael Key was seriously scary in this one.

  • BEMO Andrianalison Lybert
    BEMO Andrianalison Lybert10 dager siden

    As an mma fan I really feel it! LMFAO

  • LaTasha Carter
    LaTasha Carter10 dager siden


  • VaZel Icy.
    VaZel Icy.11 dager siden


  • London Emmy
    London Emmy12 dager siden


  • Jez Creed
    Jez Creed12 dager siden

    Oh, I didn’t know Diego Sanchez was a guest star on K&P....

  • Official JAMINGlobal
    Official JAMINGlobal12 dager siden


  • アンニ江戸川ヴァサリ
    アンニ江戸川ヴァサリ13 dager siden


  • BeeBee Tee
    BeeBee Tee13 dager siden


  • Shandin Gordon
    Shandin Gordon13 dager siden


  • Osama Raja
    Osama Raja13 dager siden


  • HmZ_El_Be KePtU_FuNgUs
    HmZ_El_Be KePtU_FuNgUs14 dager siden

    Rlly annoying happens every time

  • NukkaLips
    NukkaLips14 dager siden

    This shit cracks me up so hard. It had to be so hard for Jordan Peele to film this without bursting out laughing.

  • martin mertz
    martin mertz14 dager siden


  • martin mertz
    martin mertz14 dager siden

    this was fucking hilarious!

  • James
    James14 dager siden

    The last bit was the best lmao

  • Real HIFI Help
    Real HIFI Help14 dager siden

    Next level smack talk.

  • Stilo Khaos
    Stilo Khaos15 dager siden

    When u eat through plastic tube...🤣😂🤣

  • Mr Panda Instinct
    Mr Panda Instinct15 dager siden

    I swear, those kind of people are definitely in a cult.

  • Mr Panda Instinct
    Mr Panda Instinct15 dager siden

    I'm gonna knock him out round one betch. Wait what did he say again?

  • holysinnerxxx
    holysinnerxxx15 dager siden

    It's not in this abbreviated clip but I always lose my.shit when key goes into some foreign tounge, disappears from the camera, and reappears to choke out peele.

  • Joe Beelzebub
    Joe Beelzebub15 dager siden

    Basically Khabib vs Connor

  • BeefheartLynch
    BeefheartLynch15 dager siden

    This is incredibly disturbing.

  • mito . . .

    mito . . .

    15 dager siden

    not if god chose you.

  • Tsegyal Rapgyal Wangdi
    Tsegyal Rapgyal Wangdi15 dager siden

    I find comedy Central's thumbnails way better than this ones

  • Dig Bick
    Dig Bick15 dager siden

    No China!

  • jjj023
    jjj02315 dager siden

    How fools talk in jail.

  • NextLvLSold!
    NextLvLSold!15 dager siden

    Dude funniest NOprojects short ive ever seen

  • Leonard Ryan
    Leonard Ryan15 dager siden

    They crazy too much for TV laughing out loud

  • Boon X Docks
    Boon X Docks15 dager siden

    Conor vs Khabib in a nut shell😂😂

  • Almighty Weebu
    Almighty Weebu16 dager siden

    This is probably what khabib seemed like to conor mcgregor

  • Brennan Richardson
    Brennan Richardson16 dager siden

    Diego Sanchez and his team.

  • fatehyabali
    fatehyabali16 dager siden


  • AllinOne
    AllinOne16 dager siden

    "imma knock him out round 1, BITCH" lmao

  • y0uR B0i bR0kE
    y0uR B0i bR0kE16 dager siden


  • yung coco
    yung coco16 dager siden

    This is so funny I can’t stop rewatching this

  • Us 2 B Free
    Us 2 B Free16 dager siden

    That was the first time I've seen Peele act more normal then key that was hilarious

  • Kakashi Gamer
    Kakashi Gamer16 dager siden

    I will never not laugh at this

    RAYDDEN16 dager siden

    They keep reposting old videos!!!! ...and...I keep watching them and laughing lol

  • Kevin D
    Kevin D16 dager siden

    Connor McGregor vs Khabib

  • Ixions
    Ixions16 dager siden

    "what do you mean you can't find him!"

  • Drex


    9 dager siden


  • Manzy 313
    Manzy 31316 dager siden


  • jar768jake
    jar768jake17 dager siden

    I never noticed Key’s tears in the original sketch. 😂

  • Steven Edmund
    Steven Edmund17 dager siden

    so weird ...I swear I thought of this yesterday after watching a Thug Rose moment with her mouthing prayers at a stare off lol

  • Mark Hutsell
    Mark Hutsell17 dager siden

    The edited reuploads, like this one, aren't as good as the originals.

  • Nitroustejas
    Nitroustejas17 dager siden

    Why are your #shorts videos never fullscreen?

  • ardalan Shami
    ardalan Shami17 dager siden

    guys, I really DO appreciate what you do. we may watch your videos and laugh and say ' well, they deserve what they earn'. actually I believe what you do is more than that and must be appreciated so well. those editing, those script and acting and etc is such hard job. thank you very much for what you do. and make us happy. Grazie

  • Sekena Mcmurren
    Sekena Mcmurren17 dager siden

    Hysterical 😂😆

  • Karina Cisneros
    Karina Cisneros17 dager siden

    The flames-why am I laughing so hard at the flames? These guys just murder it every time! *bows in respect

  • Amari Jackson
    Amari Jackson17 dager siden


  • Middle Earth T.V.
    Middle Earth T.V.17 dager siden


  • Endeavour
    Endeavour17 dager siden


  • Stefan Luterbach
    Stefan Luterbach18 dager siden

    I love those 2 guys ....i have to laugh till i crye🤣🤣💯👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Unnatural09
    Unnatural0918 dager siden

    This was funny when it originally aired; now MMA fighters have gone way beyond this. This would be considered pg-13 now.

  • akhil e
    akhil e18 dager siden

    This is the kind of promo we need. UFC, do better.

  • Chris Mulkey
    Chris Mulkey18 dager siden

    Curious why no is questioning them re-uploading stuff they already have, but in vertical only mode and shortened?

  • Lazito
    Lazito18 dager siden

    This somehow reminds me of Bloodhound from Apex

  • pilsbury
    pilsbury18 dager siden

    i need boman on this type of stuff

  • Christopher Flores
    Christopher Flores18 dager siden

    IG Mastersplinter305

  • Paul Mcjello
    Paul Mcjello18 dager siden

    UFC should be fight to the death only

  • curtis newton
    curtis newton18 dager siden

    fucking brilliant.... these guys are so good

  • Dmitry
    Dmitry18 dager siden

    It's very subtle to hide the threat of paralyzing him behind the words about the Lord😅

  • Andrew A

    Andrew A

    9 dager siden

    It's not subtle, but it's funny 😂

  • Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur
    Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur18 dager siden

    When you play with your little brother on cod

  • Sujith P
    Sujith P18 dager siden

    He had me in the second half

  • Mouh Cine
    Mouh Cine18 dager siden

    this is khabib vs Mcgregor

  • Will Johnson
    Will Johnson18 dager siden

    Good job ruining another skit.

  • drkpaladin777
    drkpaladin77718 dager siden

    This is my favorite skit hands down

  • Chip Schmidt
    Chip Schmidt18 dager siden

    This is cut way short

  • Rashad Johnson
    Rashad Johnson18 dager siden

    That blank face gets me everytime 😂 0:50

  • Paris Van-Del
    Paris Van-Del18 dager siden


  • Jim Peluso
    Jim Peluso18 dager siden

    Spoken like a true Christian.

    HIGHDROPONIC18 dager siden

    Peele hey can I get a stem you less check cuz this weed you smoking got more seeds than a wheat farm 🚜 in a silo bin The gig is up

    HIGHDROPONIC18 dager siden

    peele had to call me out and roast me on my youtube comments for the movie get out. #noobnoob 👁

  • Lego Gamer
    Lego Gamer18 dager siden

    This is like Johnny cage joining mortal kombat and seeing he has to go up against scorpion.

  • Colby Martinez

    Colby Martinez

    17 dager siden

    Except for Johnny Cage always beats his azz.

  • Sdarms111 Doug
    Sdarms111 Doug18 dager siden

    everything these guys touch is GOLD

  • Skyzer Ryuuji
    Skyzer Ryuuji18 dager siden

    0:49 he is now scared AF lol

  • Sakie


    8 dager siden

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  • dan the flyin man
    dan the flyin man18 dager siden

    same old shit

  • Jairo Kasso
    Jairo Kasso18 dager siden


  • Camila Ferrari
    Camila Ferrari18 dager siden


  • Mikey Sheee
    Mikey Sheee18 dager siden

    When your friend says something offensive and they meant for it to be a joke but you get pissed. You; 4-21

  • DaveOJ
    DaveOJ18 dager siden

    Here's the full video, with actual rotation: noprojects.info/camera/video/keBlpLCNkWOWZ4c

  • KeixSoul
    KeixSoul18 dager siden


  • Yodin Yogi
    Yodin Yogi18 dager siden

    Conor vs khabib

  • Kendra McGhee
    Kendra McGhee18 dager siden


  • Marion S
    Marion S18 dager siden

    you da best

  • Moriak Potato
    Moriak Potato18 dager siden

    wtf, why edit the video? let alone so poorly.

  • DreDaGr8$
    DreDaGr8$18 dager siden

    They still making new material 🤣🤣🤣

  • elTrappo Jr.
    elTrappo Jr.18 dager siden

    Thats some of that calm african Ngannou talk its so funny

  • Deadly Dotio
    Deadly Dotio18 dager siden


  • Tabasco Abuser
    Tabasco Abuser18 dager siden

    Lmfao 🤣


    The tear drop did it😥😁😁

  • gelo almario
    gelo almario18 dager siden


  • Sisk Platinum
    Sisk Platinum18 dager siden

    Reminds my of bray wyatt

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  • Iam Sheripha
    Iam Sheripha18 dager siden


  • Stuart Lloyd
    Stuart Lloyd18 dager siden

    Not so much a "short" as it is a damn funny clip that they've edited poorly, cutting out the hilarious ending...

  • DrDomich
    DrDomich18 dager siden

    This is quite possibly the best character act KMK ever did.

  • Rae Raw
    Rae Raw18 dager siden

    "Ok he knows we're just talking right?"😂

  • Official JAMINGlobal

    Official JAMINGlobal

    12 dager siden

    This one cracked me 😂