The Scariest Make-a-Wish Kid Ever (ft. Lauren Lapkus) - Key & Peele


This kid’s wishes for the Make-a-Wish Foundation border on demonic.
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Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  • Oreo Singh
    Oreo Singh5 timer siden

    A killer kid 🥺 A kid 😪

  • Tacticool1830
    Tacticool1830Dag siden

    "i am dying tho"

  • Alex lol
    Alex lol3 dager siden


  • Elijah Attwood
    Elijah Attwood4 dager siden

    This kid gives off major Tyler the Creator vibes

  • Big Doinks
    Big Doinks4 dager siden


  • Enny Martin
    Enny Martin4 dager siden

    Liam is the clone of my evil neighbors kid

  • bigcheesexxl
    bigcheesexxl4 dager siden

    Is the actress Peele's wife?

  • R R

    R R

    4 dager siden

    No shes another actress that looks similar. His wife is Gina from Brooklyn99

  • Charismah K.A
    Charismah K.A6 dager siden

    The first time I saw this I wept... I don't think I'd seen anything funnier 🤣😂

  • Clif Thompson
    Clif Thompson7 dager siden

    the thumbnail did it for me.

  • ShadowProject01
    ShadowProject018 dager siden

    Looks like this kid could use a visit from Esther and Georgina 😂

  • Just Do It
    Just Do It10 dager siden

    That's the little elf girl from the movie ROLE MODELS !!!!

  • humpterdink
    humpterdink10 dager siden

    Who puts an effective ass jump scare in a comedy skit??!!! hahahahah

  • Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise
    Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise11 dager siden

    It's the anti-depressants... totally normal reaction....

  • Tobias -TT
    Tobias -TT12 dager siden

    they should do the next scary movie, this scetch gives me the creeeps really well done!

  • Zin
    Zin13 dager siden

    this has to be the scariest horror shit than anything that Ive watch before. I thought this would be funny. And I am watching this at 2 freaking a.m in the morning. ALONE!! In a dark room!!

  • jdsim9173
    jdsim917313 dager siden

    Where is that woman from? She looks familiar.

  • R R

    R R

    4 dager siden

    Shes the babysitter in the Adam Sandler movie Blended

  • Spooky Da Scary
    Spooky Da Scary13 dager siden

    Fuck what if your child or toddler say this to you?😅🙄😷

  • Vikingas Lukas
    Vikingas Lukas13 dager siden

    666k views!! Shit it's devil here!

  • sorde21
    sorde2114 dager siden

    Never watched the show... yet. Now maybe it is time.

    ROCKING GLOCK14 dager siden

    I'd run from this child, run far away

  • Rattan Dragon
    Rattan Dragon16 dager siden

    Lol imagine beeing scared of a kid stuck in bed Lololololololololololol Couldn't me

  • SergeantLu
    SergeantLu17 dager siden

    Wait, what? Key played an Indian doctor? WHAT? The whole world should freak out and cancel him. Oh Wait! It's called acting. I find it amazing what people freak out over versus what they don't.

  • vf12497439
    vf1249743917 dager siden

    I have a dark twisted mind but the idea of sucking the last breath out of a dying man's lungs hadn't crossed my mind... I now realize I'm an amateur in the art of dark thoughts.

  • Gethin Thomas
    Gethin Thomas18 dager siden

    How is it that they keep coming out with new sketches?

  • CharlesBecket
    CharlesBecket18 dager siden

    Key's accent as Dr. Gupta is the best I've ever heard. I am soooooooooooooooo glad cancel culture doesn't come after these two.

  • M AZ
    M AZ18 dager siden


  • Nish Gurjara
    Nish Gurjara19 dager siden

    isn't that lady doctor, landlord's daughter from spiderman...?

  • Tiffanie H.
    Tiffanie H.19 dager siden

    Love these dark twists haha

  • Toonah Feesh
    Toonah Feesh20 dager siden

    Absolutely brilliant!!!

  • corrado
    corrado20 dager siden

    no backlash for impersonating an Indian person? Okay, looks like the snowflakes missed this one.

  • Ant- Rod2
    Ant- Rod220 dager siden

    Lmfao *"Hehehehe...I am dying, tho."*

  • Trent Paul
    Trent Paul21 dag siden

    Get out 2 looks interesting

  • small fries
    small fries22 dager siden

    Why is key always the doctor

  • milkman's wife
    milkman's wife23 dager siden

    come on now, no kinkshaming please

  • Yash Gupta
    Yash Gupta23 dager siden

    Shame on you Gupta just hits magnitudes more creep when you are a gupta

  • Mr Egan
    Mr Egan23 dager siden

    This is Premium Grade stuff----M. Night just creamed himself.

  • Why Hello There
    Why Hello There23 dager siden


    ABHILASH GUJAR24 dager siden

    The most perfect indian accent ever

  • Billyman1243
    Billyman124324 dager siden

    3:58 that made me think he was really not a devil child for some reason

  • M S
    M S25 dager siden

    I thought it would be something sexual but it went a different route lol

  • Nate Gibbons
    Nate Gibbons25 dager siden

    Damn Covid got another...

  • tipdub
    tipdub25 dager siden

    this is horrifying. jordan must have written this one >_

  • SleepyAssassin
    SleepyAssassin25 dager siden

    Notice how there are 308 downvotes but 20,000 upvotes.

  • Ben10 TEN
    Ben10 TEN27 dager siden

    These must must be Peeles horror roots

  • Professor Sand in the eye
    Professor Sand in the eye27 dager siden

    1:38 is so scary his eyes are black

  • Uncle Jey
    Uncle Jey27 dager siden

    “All I’ll need is a glass of water and 10 minutes.” 😂

  • Tasha Stidwell
    Tasha Stidwell27 dager siden

    My new wish is.....😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tasha Stidwell
    Tasha Stidwell27 dager siden

    Miriam glaaaaaaaassssssss 🙍🙍🙍🙍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lewis Games
    Lewis Games28 dager siden

    3:55 I fuc*ing hate u for that

  • theotherther1
    theotherther129 dager siden

    I've had a wish from Make-A-Wish as a kid, and this is nothing compared to what actually happens and what we can actually say. I do think Liam's wishes are better than the wish of one other severely ill kid I learned about during this time, whose wish was to meet Lindsay Lohan.

  • Hades 1889
    Hades 188929 dager siden

    i think Dr Gupta need some therapy.

  • Puppeteye01
    Puppeteye0129 dager siden

    Me as a child with cancer: Yeah can I just get like a box of fruit by the foot and some coke-a-cola?

  • Zemmify
    ZemmifyMåned siden

    I’d pull that life support so damn fast.

  • ᗷᒪᗩᑕᛕ ᔕᗝᖇᖇᗝᗯ 777
    ᗷᒪᗩᑕᛕ ᔕᗝᖇᖇᗝᗯ 777Måned siden

    “HE’S JUST A CHILD” yeah a child in the body of a man

  • NCflows 1
    NCflows 1Måned siden

    i think we all know who came up with this one hahaahahaha

  • Inyene Ukpe
    Inyene UkpeMåned siden

    I love this kid. 😂

  • ¿GR3G?
    ¿GR3G?Måned siden

    Who would’ve known when joe caputo fired Susan Fischer she would join make a wish. Lmfao

  • Palmer
    PalmerMåned siden

    Dr. Gupta very indian

  • Jay Jay
    Jay JayMåned siden

    only.horror movie makes you laugh to death.

  • Abhiram Ajith
    Abhiram AjithMåned siden

    How does kee get the accent done so perfectly????😆

  • I. Hoots
    I. HootsMåned siden

    This wasn't funny, it was art in motion.

  • Jayson Dellomes
    Jayson DellomesMåned siden

    Marion Glass was ready to get that cup of water 😂🥴

  • PAT
    PATMåned siden

    This guy is performing brown-face stealing work from Indian Americans!

  • i like eggos
    i like eggosMåned siden

    This got me good XD

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian GarciaMåned siden

    Who else felt the suspense when he suddenly woke up after being dead? Lol

  • Stefanie Wiltner
    Stefanie WiltnerMåned siden

    The abusive fahrenheit elderly pine because umbrella likely note within a thundering geology. likeable, cheap yew

  • Miss C
    Miss CMåned siden

    The accent...

  • Doldoe doldoe
    Doldoe doldoeMåned siden

    Family matters

  • ikbenvoetbal
    ikbenvoetbalMåned siden

    When he said "you said anything" and gave that glare, I knew this had to be meegans kid

  • HENRY T. H.
    HENRY T. H.Måned siden

    So funny this look like a horror movie.

  • James B
    James BMåned siden

    Something makes me think that Marion Glass was strangely okay with that last request.

  • Owen Chambers
    Owen ChambersMåned siden

    Anyone remember her from Jurassic World?

  • sienna s.

    sienna s.

    28 dager siden

    and orange is the new black

  • Viben__in theback
    Viben__in thebackMåned siden

    This kid tricks the doctor into think he was dead but then the kid laughs after a second the kid says but I’m am dying tho then dies for real lol that was good

  • Jyavant
    JyavantMåned siden

    A psycho child wanting to drown a man while wearing a rubber ducky pajama. Symbolism.

  • rebellion digital studio
    rebellion digital studioMåned siden

    A sketch came out straight from M. Night Shamalan's locker.

  • wow amber
    wow amberMåned siden


  • Gamer Gaming
    Gamer GamingMåned siden

    Scared the shit out of me when he came back

  • SlumMadekell
    SlumMadekellMåned siden

    Damn now he gone be charged for murder after what he said to the kid 🤣

  • SlumMadekell
    SlumMadekellMåned siden


  • Mr Nobody
    Mr NobodyMåned siden

    Ellesse 🤣🤣

  • Mr Nobody

    Mr Nobody

    Måned siden

    You must be Liam

  • Perseus Titan
    Perseus TitanMåned siden

    That indian accent. Omg 😂😂😂

  • Travis k
    Travis kMåned siden

    Wait what? No pushback for a black guy playing an Indian guy? Where's the cancel culture when you need it.

  • Matt gaming
    Matt gamingMåned siden


  • KiLovely
    KiLovelyMåned siden


  • Down for Mexico
    Down for MexicoMåned siden

    Watched it like 5 times, one of the best sketches out there hahaha

  • the art of oof
    the art of oofMåned siden

    the doc believed in the good in humans, he kinda deserved it

  • Shirley Solum
    Shirley SolumMåned siden

    The light helium kelly recognise because hardcover counterintuitively reign a a smelly lamp. like, astonishing oboe

  • Sidney Scarbrough
    Sidney ScarbroughMåned siden

    i would wish for some cuccie

  • Martin Hristov
    Martin HristovMåned siden

    the wrong missy lol

  • hell's gate MF
    hell's gate MFMåned siden

    Dude that's amazing

  • Real HIFI Help
    Real HIFI HelpMåned siden

    Scary but good.

  • captarmando
    captarmandoMåned siden

    Has anyone noted the "Get Well" balloons for a terminally ill child?? smh lol

  • captarmando
    captarmandoMåned siden

    Border?? No, they are WELL *within* the lines. Side note: You guys are brilliant performers. Your range and talent are excessive.

  • Tyson Games
    Tyson GamesMåned siden

    I love how he plays an Indian doctor, because that is literally all there are. 😂

  • M. R.
    M. R.Måned siden

    Help me Jesus

  • RJ’s Shiplife
    RJ’s ShiplifeMåned siden

    This was such an incredible damn movie bruh that kid was scary asf

  • AlexPlays
    AlexPlaysMåned siden

    That kid has torrents or something

  • Egor vypolnyat
    Egor vypolnyatMåned siden

    *get the bucket*

  • Egor vypolnyat
    Egor vypolnyatMåned siden

    Lol I woulda just stayed get the bucket and then proceed to drown him lmao (not fr)

  • Masilver uk
    Masilver ukMåned siden

    As if this made me jump at the end! 😂😂