That One Friend Who Makes Everything Awkward - Key & Peele

A casual lunch chat becomes tense when a man calls out his friend’s annoying and awkward conversation habits.

About Key \u0026 Peele:
Key \u0026 Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  • Power Slop
    Power Slop2 timer siden

    I like how in the beginning they're talking about comic books then immediately follow it up with "see you later girls". lol

  • Tubasa يحيى
    Tubasa يحيى4 timer siden

    Key looks like Jared Padalecki in this skitch

  • ri3it483qthirf
    ri3it483qthirf17 timer siden

    You know someone did something like this to Key. This sketch was probably written by him, look how passionate he is at refuting every line lmao. Tell us how you really feel, Key 🤣

  • Raul Ramirez
    Raul Ramirez20 timer siden

    This took a dark turn 😂

  • jeremy paricutin
    jeremy paricutinDag siden

    nolans batman is overrated indeed

  • a
    aDag siden

    Is it just me or the guy with glasses looks like Donald from pitch perfect

  • phototristan
    phototristanDag siden

    Anyone else noticed their Star Wars blue milk drinks?

  • chimetimepaprika
    chimetimepaprikaDag siden

    Damn. I feel kind of sad for this guy. Jajaja

    ROCKYDag siden

    are these anthony fantano fans let’s discuss

  • عزالدين الشيخ سليمان
    عزالدين الشيخ سليمانDag siden

    Exactly, the best way to deal with such people is to confront them, you will figure out how empty they are

  • Abraham Anand
    Abraham AnandDag siden

    The modern day liberal soyboy

  • Ya Yo
    Ya Yo2 dager siden

    That dnt look at me part kills me😂..that feels like a movie reference when the character is exposed

  • Christian Kumpost- -Leaving La Mancha
    Christian Kumpost- -Leaving La Mancha2 dager siden

    Jordan’s eyebrow acting game is on FULL display here.

  • ObnoxiousDP
    ObnoxiousDP3 dager siden

    This skit is so true.. people just love/like things because other people do.. they don't have their own opinions and just say what others told them in an earlier conversation..

  • Lance Handy
    Lance Handy3 dager siden

    Everyones talking about the guy who says awkward but I had a friend that would overreact the way key did here lol.

  • Lance Handy

    Lance Handy

    3 dager siden

    @Jip Wonders awkward.....

  • Jip Wonders

    Jip Wonders

    3 dager siden


  • Gezus Oliver
    Gezus Oliver3 dager siden

    God bless

  • Tom Ford
    Tom Ford3 dager siden

    When he falls lmfao has me dead laughing every time

  • KiRuR
    KiRuR3 dager siden

    the music really sells it

  • Loverboy
    Loverboy4 dager siden

    Tell us how you really feel

  • Bryan Moyna
    Bryan Moyna4 dager siden

    Twitch chat.

  • M M
    M M4 dager siden

    Many threads on Reddit

  • dDennisAqualife東吳
    dDennisAqualife東吳4 dager siden

    2:13 that face killed me 😂

  • Vegard Stene
    Vegard Stene4 dager siden

    LOL one of the best

  • Mirasol Madridejos
    Mirasol Madridejos4 dager siden

    That man looks like a tarzan and ther one looks like his bestfriend 😂😂😂😂

  • Mirasol Madridejos
    Mirasol Madridejos4 dager siden

    Why did he cried?? I don't get it

  • Los Baker
    Los Baker5 dager siden


  • mymyersfamily
    mymyersfamily5 dager siden

    So, that “yikes” comment wasn’t so inappropriate in retrospect.

  • Delicashilous _
    Delicashilous _5 dager siden

    1:53 Gentlemen, this is the true inner self of the Majority.

  • Aidan Acosta Guerrero
    Aidan Acosta Guerrero5 dager siden

    I'm probably just retarded, but I still can't tell who i supposed to be the awkward one, after watching this video like 3 times. Is it Key, because he's taking it literally, and making it a big deal, and makes everyone feel uncomfortable? Or is it Peele, because he is trying to seem funny, but making the person that he doesn't agree with look like an idiot? I don't wanna hate, cuz their skits are genius, but I just don't understand this one.

  • TheGodOfPez
    TheGodOfPez5 dager siden

    That wig is murdering me. 😂💀

  • Jeremy Mcknight
    Jeremy Mcknight6 dager siden


  • Taraneh Niakan
    Taraneh Niakan6 dager siden

    omg i wish i could have called people out that do this lmao i will now

  • Solomon Aragaw
    Solomon Aragaw7 dager siden

    What Keegan did to Peele holding his face is like exorcism.

  • cobaingrohlnovo
    cobaingrohlnovo7 dager siden


  • Chirich kilipaari presents
    Chirich kilipaari presents7 dager siden

    Avoid friendship like these ... People who discourage you everytime you share something.

  • Galifré
    Galifré8 dager siden

    That got depressing very quickly

  • Anthony Yalon
    Anthony Yalon9 dager siden

    Took me the longest time to realize that indian guy was a treble-maker in pitch perfect 😂😅

  • arik barajas
    arik barajas9 dager siden


  • Ariel Roman
    Ariel Roman9 dager siden

    And that's how the hunchback of Notra Dame walk was created.

  • Alamo Tungoe
    Alamo Tungoe9 dager siden

    I agree with key on Nolan's batman movie 👍🏻

  • St. Rek
    St. Rek9 dager siden

    2:11 The best acting i have ever seen

  • biniyam solomon
    biniyam solomon10 dager siden

    they are genius specially key

  • yu meko
    yu meko10 dager siden

    Is that Donald from Pitch Perfect?

  • Reverent Fox
    Reverent Fox10 dager siden

    Why do I feel more like Peele in this video?

  • MattD
    MattD10 dager siden

    Girls leaving at the start made this top tier

  • Dan Chen
    Dan Chen10 dager siden

    This is true af, being the guy who often likes to point out different things gets me into a lot of situations where I'm usually made fun of and turned awkward by those types of people. They think they're funny and shit until someone actually goes on with me and ignores them, but that's rare tho

  • Dan Chen

    Dan Chen

    7 dager siden

    @The Censored Muscle well, you know those highschool friend circles where you just get together because of an assignment or something right? There's always gonna be an attention seeker who tries to make fun of people and hindering discussion, only do it subtly and slowly ruining the group

  • The Censored Muscle

    The Censored Muscle

    7 dager siden

    Do these people even know who you are? Or are you just random dude at the mall that joins into a random groups conversation?

  • Jon Evenson
    Jon Evenson11 dager siden

    Look at me Share an opinion

  • Anmol Yadav

    Anmol Yadav

    10 dager siden

    I know it is a sin but.... I think Avengers:Endgame is little overrated🥲

  • Mella Butter
    Mella Butter11 dager siden

    I hate how relatable this is to life lol

  • Xx Shan xX
    Xx Shan xX11 dager siden

    The male Karen

  • AV Productions
    AV Productions12 dager siden

    A great villian was born that day and his name was 'peelnopinion'😅

  • Serpents Truth
    Serpents Truth13 dager siden

    OMG, whats the name of the dramatic music they use in this sketch? Someone please let me know

  • CheshireCat
    CheshireCat14 dager siden

    The sketch could have ended at 2:04 and it would have been fine. Peele didn't have to go the extra mile but he did it, for us

  • Marcel Lasaj
    Marcel Lasaj15 dager siden

    hahaha, this is great

  • RacksieGaming
    RacksieGaming15 dager siden

    Oh how the turned have tables

  • Rue Hem
    Rue Hem16 dager siden


  • Bry Ocampo
    Bry Ocampo16 dager siden

    peeles hair is fire though!

  • Trever Anderson
    Trever Anderson17 dager siden

    00:41 is face expression fukin kills me

  • Trever Anderson
    Trever Anderson17 dager siden

    Anyway what!?! Anyway what!!! It’s so funny how he is just building up anger over how annoyed he’s getting at all dudes disrespectful meaningless responses and you can hear it in his voice

  • steven bullard
    steven bullard17 dager siden

    I have friends with almost this level of social anxiety.

  • Coby Izak
    Coby Izak17 dager siden

    Why he run like a gremlin at the end 🤣🤣🤣

  • P H
    P H18 dager siden


  • Jack McComb
    Jack McComb18 dager siden

    I felt this skit on a spiritual level

  • Aakib Nazir
    Aakib Nazir18 dager siden

    Dunkrik Don't look at me

  • Ammaar Essa
    Ammaar Essa18 dager siden

    He is right though, Christopher Nolan Batman movies are overrated. Well it's just an opinion, cause I know I'm also in the minority...

  • klauseVD


    17 dager siden


  • Gamaliel Harris
    Gamaliel Harris18 dager siden


    VERISIMILITUDE19 dager siden

    EVERY.... SINGLE... FANATICAL MARVEL FAN!!!! You just can’t ever, in a million years, get them to understand that maybe.... just maybe... the Kevin Feige marathon of bubblegum pop isn’t as wonderful to a great deal of people as they are implied to think by the sheep collective.... 1:53 “ I don’t have an opinion.... that why I just like what everyone else likes in pop cultuuuure...... Ah, hahahaaaaaaa’aaaaa 😫😫😫😫😫Aaaaaaarrrrhhhhh.... don’t looka me..... don’t looka me”!!!😫😫😫😫👌😂😂😂😂👌

  • Austin Denotter
    Austin Denotter19 dager siden

    Of all their skits this one really pisses me off!

  • yengi0h
    yengi0h19 dager siden

    What’s more awkward is the 2 ladies who got up to go stand in the background.

  • WidgyDJ
    WidgyDJ20 dager siden

    I think we just call those people late millenials.

  • Maximus Augustus
    Maximus Augustus20 dager siden

    Evolution is reversed instantly at the end when he started to run like an ape, lol.

  • Jerry R.
    Jerry R.21 dag siden

    That was one of their best. I love those guys.

  • Chucky Spillz
    Chucky Spillz21 dag siden

    Reminds me of my brother

  • Heyjose
    Heyjose21 dag siden

    0:41 Am i the only one who cringes when people do this all the time? LOL

  • Inri
    Inri22 dager siden

    Ngl the guy on left is taking it way too serious, everyone else was laughing and having a good time, then became a real bummer, they made the other guy feel like a weirdo but that convo about batman was it? Just out of context shit, maybe they don’t care, but instead kept being more aggressive about it, now it’s awkward because he is taking such a small thing and making it a big deal

  • Cobra Kai Master
    Cobra Kai Master22 dager siden

    Is that Chet Hanks?

  • Miguel Antero Devs & Gaming
    Miguel Antero Devs & Gaming23 dager siden

    that guy is me...

  • blitzkrieg 4
    blitzkrieg 423 dager siden

    That was awkward

  • The OG Batman
    The OG Batman23 dager siden

    I may disagree, but that was awkward

  • Pebbles Ramirez
    Pebbles Ramirez23 dager siden

    LMAO 😂

  • wood brass and glass
    wood brass and glass24 dager siden

    Reminds me of marriage.

  • Hakeem The Dream
    Hakeem The Dream24 dager siden

    LMAO!!! 🤣🤣🤣🔥

  • Steel Current
    Steel Current24 dager siden

    Cringe compilations be like:

  • Ronald Weasley
    Ronald Weasley24 dager siden

    Big pet peeve for people who say “Okaaaaaaaay” after making a very normal statement

  • Heyjose


    21 dag siden

    That, "ummm...yeahhhh..." and "Annnywaaaays" are all annoying as fvck lol

  • Cheska Ri
    Cheska Ri24 dager siden


  • Laura Cunningham
    Laura Cunningham25 dager siden

    The lamentable desire complementarily scream because output impressively occur absent a enormous zinc. common, boring kevin

  • Cusap, Robertson Mari B. -Arrhenius
    Cusap, Robertson Mari B. -Arrhenius25 dager siden

    The dude on the right kinda looks like donald from pitch perfect

  • ch1ngons1mon
    ch1ngons1mon25 dager siden

    I've basically done this to someone while talking about boxing.

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith25 dager siden

    "I'll tell you how i really feel!" lmfao

  • Smokin Man
    Smokin Man25 dager siden

    He unknowingly performed an exorcism on a troll

  • Aetr0
    Aetr026 dager siden

    As a side note tho imagine not liking the christopher Nolan movies

  • gracebasherguy92
    gracebasherguy9226 dager siden

    This sketch was straight-up heroic.

  • Morgan Robinson
    Morgan Robinson26 dager siden it odd that I’m ALSO in the minority and don’t really care for the Nolan Batman movies??? I love the campiness and fun of the Tim Burton Batman!

  • Evolve or Die
    Evolve or Die26 dager siden

    litteraly twitter

  • Terico Simpson
    Terico Simpson27 dager siden

    The most irritating part is how Jordan's eyebrows raise when he turns to the two friends 😂

  • Humility Is Key
    Humility Is Key27 dager siden

    Tag still on his shirt? 2:26

  • Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez27 dager siden

    mad tv was better than this bull shit

  • JayRico
    JayRico28 dager siden

    hate fake ppl like this

  • Igor Džaić
    Igor Džaić28 dager siden

    He should have said "Awkward" in the end :D

  • Night Moose
    Night Moose28 dager siden

    Underrated detail: The women leave immediately once the guys begin discussing comic book adaptations lmao.

  • Jokanaan


    11 dager siden

    @Night Moose amen to that

  • Jokanaan


    11 dager siden

    @Night Moose find cooler girls

  • Night Moose

    Night Moose

    25 dager siden

    @Dead Artist 88 idk that's pretty much what happens in real life too

  • Dead Artist 88

    Dead Artist 88

    26 dager siden

    I noticed that immediately the 1st time, but I like to think it's a coincidence

  • Gwenhwyfar Tarot

    Gwenhwyfar Tarot

    26 dager siden

    Yes I thought that!

  • Gregory Post
    Gregory Post29 dager siden