Obama Meet and Greet - Key & Peele


President Obama shakes some hands.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  • Im Kwang Joe
    Im Kwang Joe4 dager siden

    Luther was so mild back then.

  • HellRaiser
    HellRaiser5 dager siden

    opposite of black racist

  • JC Gaming
    JC Gaming6 dager siden

    People are all racist whether you are black or white or asian

  • U-Free
    U-Free7 dager siden

    God, am I tired of watching these old clips of K&P? Absolutely not!! Keep on posting brothers!

  • Michael Robertson
    Michael Robertson10 dager siden

    that never gets old

  • F P
    F P12 dager siden

    "Afternoon my Octaroon " .

  • Nicholas Cheap
    Nicholas Cheap13 dager siden

    I’m in there tho

  • Nicholas Cheap
    Nicholas Cheap13 dager siden

    Are you tucked tho?

  • Alex Fox
    Alex Fox13 dager siden

    #barackobama lol

  • Snout smashing Apparatus
    Snout smashing Apparatus13 dager siden

    While this is hilarious it’s kind of sad the reverse would be super racist

  • The Last
    The Last14 dager siden

    We are gods child im drunk the devil owns me right know 7 because I say we're going to f*** them up

  • The Last
    The Last14 dager siden

    I love you so much

  • The Last
    The Last14 dager siden

    Who knew Hallelujah go fuc yourself you woke me up at 7 in the f** morning with Georgie it and enjoyed it I love you bro Real Talk dog but you are not my. Is this a thing my brother sleeps next to me on a bed of her own is it going to be hot again this is going to happen. Is there a state but it being the dark is living a life you must understand that but next time I will I

  • tope james
    tope james14 dager siden

    That is one pale obama right there🤣🤣

  • Roland Grange
    Roland Grange15 dager siden

    The biggest fraud ever to win the Presidency in a supposedly "systemically racist country".

  • Matt C
    Matt C16 dager siden

    What does Octaroon mean? (Sorry in advance if I've offended with this question!!)

  • Stephanie Delaney
    Stephanie Delaney16 dager siden

    This is so hilarious and if it was the other way around ppl would make such a fuss about this.

  • Darshan Mane
    Darshan Mane18 dager siden

    Why obama is like that?

    SΛLMON18 dager siden

    How could a secret service agent know his race?

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez18 dager siden

    The funny thing is Obama is half white lol. Half white & raised in a white family, so if anything, he's more white than black.

  • DEEPesh JOshi
    DEEPesh JOshi19 dager siden


  • Knight OfNights
    Knight OfNights19 dager siden

    You know this!

  • Youre Boys Gottem
    Youre Boys Gottem20 dager siden

    I am now gonna start using “afternoon my octaroon” as a greeting.

  • Windu Waika
    Windu Waika20 dager siden

    “Afternoon, my octoroon” 💀💀💀

  • Chinkasuyaro
    Chinkasuyaro20 dager siden

    Give it up for Livia Rougie, the star of the show.

  • MagicianFlip69
    MagicianFlip6920 dager siden

    So all you have to tell Obama is that youre at least 1/8th and you get the traditional hug. 🤗

  • adarsh kumar
    adarsh kumar24 dager siden

    Is there a context to this? I'm not American so please fill me in. Without context, this skit looked disgustingly racist to me. (I really liked their other skits so I gather this is some kind of an insiders thing.. please give me some context so I can see the joke.. Thank you!)

  • bred white
    bred white24 dager siden

    They hit the nail on the head with this skit

  • Nothando Nyuswa
    Nothando Nyuswa25 dager siden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭not him shaking the hand of the baby I’m dying 😭😭😭😭

  • Swift Gaming
    Swift Gaming28 dager siden

    1/8th Black

    KING NOSS29 dager siden

    M sure Dave Chappel, done do this bit

  • DM Wisdom
    DM WisdomMåned siden

    Pretty much sums up that presidency.

  • V D
    V DMåned siden

    It's pure genius every move every word 🙌👏

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi UchihaMåned siden

    “Cmon cmon cmonnn”

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi UchihaMåned siden

    This is his greatest skit 😭

  • The 7th Magazine
    The 7th MagazineMåned siden

    *chef's kiss

  • Royal Blood
    Royal BloodMåned siden

    This is wht i feel when they say BLM .

  • PepperMentally
    PepperMentallyMåned siden

    Hurt me on a personal level 0:32

  • niizzy a
    niizzy aMåned siden

    The funny thing about this is that Peele can be racist IRL with 0 repercussions. Such a talented dude getting his brain fried with wokeness and racism.

  • Murty Birdy
    Murty BirdyMåned siden

    This was incredibly racist but so funny 😂

    DAVID IBARRAMåned siden

    *1/8th Black* 💀

  • Koustav Biswas
    Koustav BiswasMåned siden


  • Shahkar
    ShahkarMåned siden

    never knew obama was fat

  • alexs aquariums
    alexs aquariumsMåned siden


  • sheldon 123
    sheldon 123Måned siden

    Key and peel is racist

  • Alfis Farhan
    Alfis FarhanMåned siden

    Why did he completely ignore that guy in the end?

  • Asyraf Aziz
    Asyraf AzizMåned siden

    He’s giving exactly another 7 “tuck in there” to Key to make him 8/8 black 😂😂

  • Divaluv23
    Divaluv23Måned siden

    This never gets old

  • Nkese P Official
    Nkese P OfficialMåned siden

    No he didn't take the baby's hand out her mouth and shake it 🤣🤣🤣 *dead*

  • Aaron Flores
    Aaron FloresMåned siden

    Wakanda for ever

  • Hazmonk
    HazmonkMåned siden

    Can't help but look at that last white dude who doesn't get his hand held. Mad AF.

  • Snipers Range
    Snipers RangeMåned siden

    Neva forget about that - cuz that's all we got 🤣

  • KiLovely
    KiLovelyMåned siden

    LMAO!!!! I love it! So funny!

  • Real HIFI Help
    Real HIFI HelpMåned siden


  • LingoLimbo
    LingoLimboMåned siden

    As a majority I feel personally attacked

  • You Tube1
    You Tube1Måned siden

    Why is Obama shown as racist?

  • John B.garzon
    John B.garzonMåned siden

    Bro your look like barak 😳

  • AdviPing
    AdviPingMåned siden

    How come this have so less views and still be the top meme!

  • Sparcus XXX
    Sparcus XXXMåned siden

    3/31/21 I’m in 😭!!!

  • Kamil Bełz
    Kamil BełzMåned siden

    It’s good they upload it again. People needs to see this and just laugh their asses off during these hard times 😁

  • Leon Dovahkiin
    Leon DovahkiinMåned siden

    About as old as time itself. And always a pleasure to watch.

  • Bob Kåre
    Bob KåreMåned siden

    So this is okay? But if was the other way all you brainwashed sheep’s would cry and shit in your pants.

  • Abe Jessop
    Abe JessopMåned siden

    I should do this with only white people

  • Nicholas Skram
    Nicholas SkramMåned siden

    Imagine if we turned it around. The show would be canceled in a minute.

  • Nicholas Skram

    Nicholas Skram

    Måned siden

    Hahah, word

  • Honest Plug

    Honest Plug

    Måned siden

    Stop being a ❄️

  • Aaron D.
    Aaron D.Måned siden


  • gelo almario
    gelo almarioMåned siden

    Yessssss hahahahha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • laces ascanio
    laces ascanioMåned siden

    That shit is dumb haha

  • Rich Davis
    Rich DavisMåned siden

    Gotta hand it to you shut was funny!!

  • musikk83
    musikk83Måned siden

    well, whats the point? he really did an awesome impression, for sure

  • Kron Staro
    Kron StaroMåned siden

    casually dressed white guys didnt even get a handshake

  • Daniel Studart
    Daniel StudartMåned siden

    Such prejudice. Why is he only hugging the bald guys?

  • Zurtle Bojangles
    Zurtle BojanglesMåned siden

    How many times can you repost this,

  • Dj Mac
    Dj MacMåned siden

    This is hilarious 🤣

  • Brigette Jones
    Brigette JonesMåned siden


  • Spencer Bean
    Spencer BeanMåned siden

    You imagine how much hate there would be if he was white

  • Syu Amirul
    Syu AmirulMåned siden

    Was obama doing like this?

  • NoblePhantasmable
    NoblePhantasmableMåned siden

    Me responds to all the animes and movies i've ever watched All the black dudes are those i love the most

  • ReGGie siZzla
    ReGGie siZzlaMåned siden

    Started from the bottom now we here 😂😂

  • James Smith
    James SmithMåned siden

    1/8 black 😂😂😂

  • Jim Tamim
    Jim TamimMåned siden

    How many times you guys gonna milk this?

  • Fuad Bangura
    Fuad BanguraMåned siden

    Anybody else notice hes avoiding the white people

  • Tylerthee Gemini
    Tylerthee GeminiMåned siden


  • Daniel Borisov
    Daniel BorisovMåned siden

    I swear I've seen this skit quite a while ago but it says it has been uploaded on march 22... has this skit been reuploaded?

  • lucasdawsontv
    lucasdawsontvMåned siden


  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin LeeMåned siden

    I'm at the point where I see the thumbnails and I just recite the whole skit as I'm scrolling down my feed lol. "Good afternoon ma octaroon!"

  • Blake abcdefg
    Blake abcdefgMåned siden

    Racist president broods more racism. Obama.

  • Chip Evans
    Chip EvansMåned siden

    Key and peele for president 2024!

  • Manu Sharma
    Manu SharmaMåned siden

    Top skit in my list

  • Viktor Cselenyi
    Viktor CselenyiMåned siden

    These two geniuses have no mercy! Perfect and devastating skit, well done!

  • Roger Chien
    Roger ChienMåned siden

    Why discrimination

  • Robert Doback
    Robert DobackMåned siden

    Reverse the races on this joke and it's a hate crime.

  • Robert Doback
    Robert DobackMåned siden

    So you're saying blacks treat blacks better than whites? All comedy is rooted in reality.

  • Scott Lanter
    Scott LanterMåned siden

    I do the same thing just white instead of black😆

  • FeroxX
    FeroxXMåned siden

    Thats kinda racist 😥

  • the guy in the helmet
    the guy in the helmetMåned siden

    I can't believe YT would have something this racist floating around...! 😂😂😂

  • triden Astro
    triden AstroMåned siden

    i remember when i first seen this years ago still so funny

  • FriscoFloHorology
    FriscoFloHorologyMåned siden

    I’minderedawg I’minderedawg

  • Thorgha Nudha
    Thorgha NudhaMåned siden

    So... he was a razist?

  • Jorian X
    Jorian XMåned siden

    Isn't this racism?

  • tity todd
    tity toddMåned siden

    Afternoon my octaroon😂