Local News Dog Fail - Key & Peele


Reporter Brock Favors may not be the right guy to cover a K9 training facility.
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  • breaditor
    breaditor4 dager siden

    i have finally found a key and peele sketch i have never seen

  • statics
    statics7 dager siden

    the pain this man had to go through for a skit

  • James Smith
    James Smith8 dager siden

    In tears. He’s eatin my junk

  • Minji Woo
    Minji Woo9 dager siden

    how did he nail the cop voice

  • Rad mobile gaming
    Rad mobile gaming10 dager siden

    Safe to say his kids will be magnificent 😐😂😂

  • あれBanana
    あれBanana13 dager siden

    Peele be like : *looks away* good thing I won that rock paper scissors..

  • A yen
    A yen17 dager siden

    Hahhaha that typical police officer look

  • Chyleen Lopez
    Chyleen Lopez18 dager siden

    I like key and peele but does it not feel like some of these are made for children? I don’t wanna force myself to laugh

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee21 dag siden

    Lmao. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tony Frazier
    Tony Frazier21 dag siden

    His face at 1:17 "What? I'm not helping him." 😆😆😆

  • Atlas 13
    Atlas 1322 dager siden

    this reminds me of the helicopter skit

    JUDE MICHAEL LAVADOR22 dager siden

    It smells up dog here...

  • acslater017
    acslater01722 dager siden

    Jordan pretty realistically captures the demeanor of most news interviews I’ve seen with local cops or military. Very subtle

    ESSTEE PHRESH27 dager siden

    I guess the reff got a new job as a dog trainer

  • Googlefears Altmedia
    Googlefears Altmedia27 dager siden

    They stole this entire show from Dave Chapelle who stole it from SNL who stole it from Johnny Carson. Who stole it from Charlie Chapman. Who stole it from Shakespeare. Who stole it from the Roman Colosseum. Who stole it from tribal shamans. Who stole it from Jews.

  • stilliving
    stilliving27 dager siden

    That's wassup.

  • Colonel Banana
    Colonel Banana27 dager siden

    Not the pee pee.

  • wildmercuryfilms
    wildmercuryfilms27 dager siden

    Key is talking like that dude from the Mr. Maheena skit

  • Hollywood Stan
    Hollywood Stan28 dager siden


  • snaggs107
    snaggs10728 dager siden

    Jordan's range is crazy.

  • Mesirionye Emmanuel
    Mesirionye Emmanuel28 dager siden


  • Victoria Blackman
    Victoria Blackman29 dager siden

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  • aryaa
    aryaa29 dager siden

    Keegan and jordan played perfectly for the noisy bullshitting guy and the no nonsense cop shown in every buddy cop movie

  • fatehyabali
    fatehyabali29 dager siden


  • StormkoopaCV03
    StormkoopaCV0329 dager siden

    Chad Armstrong called in sick huh? I see what you just did there, Chad. lol

  • El sugu
    El sugu29 dager siden

    danm jordan CAN PLAY any fccin carácter bro

  • Demetris
    Demetris29 dager siden

    Yeah "sick"

  • James Reed Jr.
    James Reed Jr.Måned siden

    Jiminez would’ve stayed calm

  • Tommy Goat
    Tommy GoatMåned siden

    Is the other officer Jordan’s dad

  • Every One
    Every OneMåned siden

    Wait...brock survives a helicopter crash and then this happens to him!!! The poor man...

  • Pray Archer
    Pray ArcherMåned siden

    Ohh dag😮🤯😮🤯😲😲😲😳

  • TroniX FiX
    TroniX FiXMåned siden

    Look it’s Eric and Andre

  • Theodore Nelson
    Theodore NelsonMåned siden

    He is spot on, cops all have that maurism and speak the same and state the obvious like they figured out a great clue or some shit. Maybe Joe all of them but enough of them to be stereotyped that way. I'm not hating, I'm just saying they shouldn't be so aggressive in any tone or body language, it is very threatening which puts our instincts into that fight or flight response. Also have to thank the good ones for their service. Statistically 76% of police are cooked. That includes, prisons, security, etc.

  • Scorpor Supremacy
    Scorpor SupremacyMåned siden

    I guess no one never told the dog not to BARK with his mouth full 🤣😂🤣

  • ad70preterist
    ad70preteristMåned siden


  • Ryan Alvarez
    Ryan AlvarezMåned siden

    That was horrible

  • Awande Zwane
    Awande ZwaneMåned siden

    Jordan did the most with this role lol!

  • Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci
    Gratuity 'Tip' TucciMåned siden

    Are they still doing the show or is this old stuff?

  • Luke Rosetti
    Luke RosettiMåned siden

    Substitute reporter at large lol

  • Monique Jones
    Monique JonesMåned siden

    Whats funny is that ive seen this happen to a news anchor as a kid. He got mad and was like f this i quit. 😃

  • Angelia Gurner
    Angelia GurnerMåned siden


  • Joey Outdoors
    Joey OutdoorsMåned siden

    SFX guy messed up on this one. Dog barking while biting down? Unrealistic.

  • A Stoic's Door
    A Stoic's DoorMåned siden

    Seriously though, imo dogs should never be used in the apprehension of suspects. 1) The dog actually has no idea the danger they are in when the attack because they are not trained to comprehend how dangerous a human can be and thus they could die or be seriously injured 2) Dogs often severely injure suspects including broken bones and lacerations. The resulting medical bills and lawsuit costs are then put on the tax payer. 3) Often the dogs get so aggressive they can not be controlled, do not obey, and excessive force is used. 4) If we as a society agree it's not ok to beat a suspect, who may even be innocent, why would we allow police to let dogs rip into people flesh and bones. Especially given they may not have full control of the animal. Just sayin, let's keep the dogs for sniffing stuff out and tracking lost kids.

  • John Smith
    John SmithMåned siden

    Love these two.

  • Chicken
    ChickenMåned siden

    Is this new? If not what are they up to these days

  • John McKay
    John McKayMåned siden

    Pretty sure I've seen this one already?

  • Zacks Random Projects
    Zacks Random ProjectsMåned siden


  • Myles Hood
    Myles HoodMåned siden


  • Nikhil Gupta
    Nikhil GuptaMåned siden

    How the fuck can they act so well???

  • Run Platypus
    Run PlatypusMåned siden

    Holy moly the dog ate his nuts!!!

  • ice bear
    ice bearMåned siden

    When peele said"100%"reminds me of ozamatez who gave 100% and executed the game in the interview

  • Aravind K S
    Aravind K SMåned siden

    How does that suit have the news channel symbol if it's a part of the police?

  • Calvin Dirkmaat
    Calvin DirkmaatMåned siden

    Did they photoshop his face on?

  • Calvin Dirkmaat

    Calvin Dirkmaat

    Måned siden

    Okay yes they did i read the comments

  • Nico Abad
    Nico AbadMåned siden

    Why does Jordan look look like Brad Pitt in Ocean's 11 when he's chewing his gum. 😂

  • scattaman1
    scattaman1Måned siden

    Man..I am already laughing and the video hasn’t even started yet..lol

  • crystal harris
    crystal harrisMåned siden


  • wealthy black man
    wealthy black manMåned siden

    The junk bite technique is exactly why police absolutely LOVE BORK BORK NUM NUMS!!

  • Craig Case
    Craig CaseMåned siden

    I’m ready for a full length movie with Jordan’s character. The chewing gum is hysterical!

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. LuffyMåned siden

    Is that young Dwayne Johnson?

  • Matrxmonky
    MatrxmonkyMåned siden

    I was pissed when I came in here. I'm still pissed, but at least I'm chuckling ruefully.

  • Zachary Brown
    Zachary BrownMåned siden

    GREAT acting by peele

  • Henny Lopez
    Henny LopezMåned siden

    This skit should have been longer, shit was hilarious.

  • Victor Tarimo
    Victor TarimoMåned siden

    Jordan reminds me of Brad Pitt in ths one

  • Rhonnel Sutilleza
    Rhonnel SutillezaMåned siden

    god, don't give me nightmares this time... youtube recommendation:

  • The Invisible Stoner
    The Invisible StonerMåned siden

    That's why Chad Armstrong called in sick.

  • jesse scott
    jesse scottMåned siden

    This reporter wasn't familiar with N.W.H Grab Yo Stuff!

  • scorpleeon
    scorpleeonMåned siden

    I miss the technical difficulty sign days of TV lol

  • Lovan Alexander Berényi
    Lovan Alexander BerényiMåned siden


  • KainGerc
    KainGercMåned siden

    The dog also thinks you are a threat if you use puns.

  • Devin Leisinger
    Devin LeisingerMåned siden

    Okie dokie

  • Roman Torteli
    Roman TorteliMåned siden

    Post corona?

  • Rakesh Verma
    Rakesh VermaMåned siden

    Jordan's expression the whole time 🤣

  • Shiv Shankar
    Shiv ShankarMåned siden

    *Before the shoot director to key* "You are gonna get bitten by a dog at your nuts " Key: 🙂👍

  • Boris
    BorisMåned siden

    That's how he lost his peewee

  • مرام
    مرامMåned siden

    Although Key had a more active and lead role in this skit, Peele pulled it off wayyyy better.

  • Kristian Wilson
    Kristian WilsonMåned siden

    This one is eh

  • DeezRMyDays
    DeezRMyDaysMåned siden

    no matter what skit it is when dog bites them nuggets its always funny

  • The fitness challenger
    The fitness challengerMåned siden

    When you're high on Potenuse

  • This Is Art
    This Is ArtMåned siden

    1:09 When your Olympic gold medalist girlfriend is so horny the night y'all are finally alone.

  • unbelaneablebeautyy
    unbelaneablebeautyyMåned siden

    That’s actually a really cute look on Jordan. I’m oddly attracted all of a sudden?! 🥲

  • Abba Alexander
    Abba AlexanderMåned siden

    What are the chances of that happening ?

  • Brian James
    Brian JamesMåned siden

    Bro, peele is an incredible actor I love this guy

  • Tom Tiernan
    Tom TiernanMåned siden

    "He’s eating my junk" is all you need to know about this skit.

  • N R
    N RMåned siden

    He really nailed that cop role. Not sure how that dog is barking so much with his mouth closed though.

  • J J
    J JMåned siden

    forced gender reassigment

  • Millennial Typecasts
    Millennial TypecastsMåned siden

    Let's be honest, you felt a tickle when the dog bites his phally.

    ANDRES TRONCOSOMåned siden

    The sketches are ok, but i can't take anymore Kay overacting characters.

  • George Lundy
    George LundyMåned siden

    Jordan looks like he can be a cop!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • FullTimeSlacker II
    FullTimeSlacker IIMåned siden

    Reminds me of the reporter who tried to hold a chicken and it flapped in his face

  • Bankai _13
    Bankai _13Måned siden

    He low-key kinda Brad Pitt af

  • noriz wawa
    noriz wawaMåned siden

    Jordan can dress up as a cop, chewing some sugarless gum, and public will obey his instructions

  • Matandang Ketongin
    Matandang KetonginMåned siden

    In another news: Police dog gets to have his new personal chew toy

  • J Real
    J RealMåned siden

    I was watching several those few days ago. Hmm just pops up on my suggest. Great actors. Even the dog.

  • Robert Dunn
    Robert DunnMåned siden

    You guys are awesome I needed a good laugh

  • James Husband
    James HusbandMåned siden

    comedy gold

  • mt4ds
    mt4dsMåned siden

    It’s the gum chewing for me 😁

  • Parodoxical Sox
    Parodoxical SoxMåned siden

    The attack dog ... insubordinate and churlish.

  • Shanté Elizabeth Army of 1
    Shanté Elizabeth Army of 1Måned siden

    Officer Hanson!!!!!!

  • Michael Perfect
    Michael PerfectMåned siden

    Geeez the one in the middle is loosing his touch, it's not subtle anymore he's not being creative anymore. The one on the left still got it and didn't trade his passion for the art for money. The one in the middle tho... He's playing it safe

  • Katie Benezue
    Katie BenezueMåned siden

    I love these guys!