If Hogwarts Were an Inner-City School - Key & Peele

An HBO documentary dives deep into the deplorable conditions at Vincent Clortho Public School for Wizards.

About Key \u0026 Peele:
Key \u0026 Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from “Gremlins 2” to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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  • IHH97 Hajjar
    IHH97 Hajjar14 timer siden

    hbo what are you waiting for, make this a serie

  • The Vegan Viking !!!!
    The Vegan Viking !!!!20 timer siden

    This would have been a great series of movies.

  • Ahmad Nur Septianto [C8]
    Ahmad Nur Septianto [C8]Dag siden

    "Natural Rat." lmao

  • Getpaid.Gohome
    Getpaid.GohomeDag siden

    This is probably one of the best Key & Peele skits ever. F**king hilarious, and very creative. I wish they would make another season.

  • isaiascancino
    isaiascancinoDag siden

    I love that, ranked #161, there's a Magic School for special needs kids "Abracadabra School fo Special Needs Wizards"

  • T. Hansen
    T. HansenDag siden


  • Red Bird
    Red BirdDag siden

    Harry Potter - Netflix adaptation

  • Polar Inc
    Polar Inc2 dager siden

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  • Paul Cancino
    Paul Cancino2 dager siden

    Wizard pepper!

  • 17Ragz
    17Ragz2 dager siden

    this is my favorite. Best performance by jordan

  • Gordon Forster
    Gordon Forster2 dager siden

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  • JK
    JK2 dager siden

    There was a green flash at the beginning.... When kids were just fighting.... I know its parody and all.... But u dont need to disrespect the wizard story this much

  • Kapri
    Kapri3 dager siden

    A wand with a silencer gets me a every single time

  • Uncle Jay
    Uncle Jay3 dager siden

    Why doesn't this have it's own series by now?

  • Reyona carry
    Reyona carry3 dager siden

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  • Kristian
    Kristian3 dager siden

    Nr 161: Abracadabra School for Special Needs Wizards. lol

  • Elena Peake
    Elena Peake4 dager siden

    I wish this sketch was a whole serial show.

  • TatewakiKunoAge17
    TatewakiKunoAge174 dager siden

    School # 161: Abracadabra School for Special Needs Wizards. YIKES.

  • Jgod Happyfish
    Jgod Happyfish5 dager siden

    I wanna see a movie about this school

  • Flori
    Flori5 dager siden

    All Harry Potter movies should be remade in this setting with these characters.

  • MKB the KID
    MKB the KID5 dager siden

    I’m trying to get in to 165th school on that list. Lmao

  • delanie d.
    delanie d.5 dager siden

    "Vincent Clortho" sounds an awful lot like "Vinz Clortho"😂

  • Anarchee
    Anarchee6 dager siden

    That wand with a silencer on it belongs to Chief Keef.

  • Kai Grier
    Kai Grier6 dager siden

    So fucking epic 😂❤🤘

  • Jordan A
    Jordan A6 dager siden

    "1 out of 5 girls is pregnant with a demon baby." I see that even in a world full of magic and wizardry... Nice guys still finish last. 🤣

  • Wesley Van Anden

    Wesley Van Anden

    4 dager siden

    Well in that case, nice guys won't be on the hook for child support, eh? LOL

  • Ryan keyboard
    Ryan keyboard7 dager siden

    I've seen this video at least 4 times, and I just now realized his pinky on his left hand is gold.

  • Adrian Paul Laurel
    Adrian Paul Laurel7 dager siden

    wand with a silencer HAHAHAHAHA

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake7 dager siden

    I'd love a series like this, with 20 minute episodes. I'd definitely watch it 😂

  • Gilang Wilmantara
    Gilang Wilmantara7 dager siden

    pause on 1:37. anyone wanna know who gets into Abracadabra School For Special Needs Wizards?

  • Philip Tucker
    Philip Tucker7 dager siden

    I would legit pay GOOD money if we could get an 8 series movie of an inner city wizard school starring Key and Peele lmao 😂 😭

  • Joe Logan
    Joe Logan7 dager siden

    I wanna candy flip wizard pepper with pixie dust🤪

  • Redjoker96
    Redjoker967 dager siden

    The 2 kids fighting at 0:08 are the old men from the Magical Negro Fight video.

  • idiotflower
    idiotflower8 dager siden

    That's why Shaolin Wizard Schools let you do boring "lower" and/or "humiliating" physical tasks for years before they teach you the real stuff.

  • Omey Salvi
    Omey Salvi8 dager siden

    I like to think that Lester just really cares about the students and the school and is just bringing up the problems in front of the camera so that he can use the platform to raise awareness about the lack of funding.

  • Simi Reddy
    Simi Reddy8 dager siden

    The cat with the rag on its head.... brilliant. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ruben B.
    Ruben B.8 dager siden

    I like how Abracadabra School for Special Needs Wizards ranked higher than they did 😂

  • Jon the Revelator
    Jon the Revelator8 dager siden

    Vince Clortho..HAHAHA!!!! Keymaster of Gozer.

  • Kurt Langberg
    Kurt Langberg8 dager siden

    Daggermist sounds like an Elder Scrolls Wizard’s College. Magician’s Learning Pizza sounds like a Ninja Turtles magic school.

  • 6S6Y6C6Z6
    6S6Y6C6Z68 dager siden

    “We out here Muggin Muggles”

  • Emma Yanek
    Emma Yanek9 dager siden

    Imagine if my immortal took place at this school

  • tricksgrl2
    tricksgrl210 dager siden

    Demon baby! 😩😂

  • Vollification
    Vollification11 dager siden

    This needs a movie

  • 42ndguardian
    42ndguardian11 dager siden

    Funny that Lester Bigglesby is more qualified for his job than Argus Filch

  • Christopher Dimitrious Phanara
    Christopher Dimitrious Phanara11 dager siden

    one of the best movie parades EVER!!!

  • Blavk Samurai
    Blavk Samurai11 dager siden

    Half the team back here riding mops we got 2 lil ni**as on swiffas 😂😂😂

  • Hubby Hub
    Hubby Hub11 dager siden

    I'll take an eighth of the pixie dust please

  • Joe Hernandez-Kolski
    Joe Hernandez-Kolski11 dager siden

    I love the shout out to Ghostbusters! Vinz Clortho key master of Gozer!

  • Deirdre Ferguson
    Deirdre Ferguson11 dager siden

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  • soulless vapid individual
    soulless vapid individual12 dager siden

    I would actually watch Harry Potter if it was set in America

  • Leo Ana Onia
    Leo Ana Onia12 dager siden

    Oh look Mr. Garvey

  • TurnN'Burn
    TurnN'Burn12 dager siden

    "We got two little niggers on a Swiffer" Hilarious!

  • Berry Griffin
    Berry Griffin13 dager siden

    We got two n*ggas on Swiffers 😂💀

  • At SunniBunniHunniDip
    At SunniBunniHunniDip13 dager siden

    This needs to be made into a real movie.

  • Badledgend117
    Badledgend11713 dager siden

    The swiffer comment freaking kills me

  • TurnN'Burn


    12 dager siden

    "Two little niggers on a Swiffer" was the funniest line by far!

  • Inori J
    Inori J14 dager siden

    I would pay to watch sequel for this scretch.

  • Kyle W.
    Kyle W.14 dager siden

    I went to Jason Ruiz’s school for wayward boys

  • ᚻᚪᛗᚱᛁᚳ ᚩᛋᚹᚪᛚᛞ
    ᚻᚪᛗᚱᛁᚳ ᚩᛋᚹᚪᛚᛞ14 dager siden

    I wonder if they call each other mugga

  • TurnN'Burn


    12 dager siden

    I doubt it since the security guard said "We got two little niggers on a Swiffer"

  • ᚻᚪᛗᚱᛁᚳ ᚩᛋᚹᚪᛚᛞ
    ᚻᚪᛗᚱᛁᚳ ᚩᛋᚹᚪᛚᛞ14 dager siden

    The drive-bys must be interesting to watch.

  • The Tower - Fantasy Music
    The Tower - Fantasy Music14 dager siden

    A wand... with a silencer on it.....

  • TurnN'Burn


    12 dager siden


  • Kurt Rhim
    Kurt Rhim14 dager siden

    “I will turn you into a SPIDER”

  • Cykloid Sounds
    Cykloid Sounds14 dager siden

    0:39 - “Here’s a wand with a silencer on it. Why…? But I ask again…WHY”. DIMEBAG OF PIXIE DUST… WIZARD PEPPER!!!

  • TurnN'Burn


    12 dager siden


  • Ben Pierce
    Ben Pierce15 dager siden

    Man, those poor kids from Moomy Plopfern's School for Dolts.

  • chrono trigger
    chrono trigger15 dager siden

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  • TurnN'Burn


    12 dager siden

    Yo bot it sounds like you need to be sent down to the repair ward for a re-calibration.

  • Brennan Callahan
    Brennan Callahan15 dager siden

    Wish this was a series

  • G Smith
    G Smith15 dager siden

    It's the students riding a Swiffer mop that gets me!

  • thinBillyBoy
    thinBillyBoy16 dager siden

    This is pretty much the sixth book doe lmao

  • Absolutenutter
    Absolutenutter16 dager siden

    160.) Phineas T. Pozzlenewt High School

  • William Fox
    William Fox16 dager siden

    The kid riding the swiffer sent me

  • Andrew Bahr
    Andrew Bahr17 dager siden

    "Tyrone is that yo.. oh! Thats an actual rat" lolol

  • bomb Diggidy
    bomb Diggidy17 dager siden

    This aged like a fine wine

  • Mindaya Pandapatan
    Mindaya Pandapatan17 dager siden

    Ilvermorny is so expensive tho

  • Asha Chowdhury
    Asha Chowdhury17 dager siden

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  • TurnN'Burn


    12 dager siden

    Attention bot! You are severely malfunctioning and can no longer put together a coherent sentence. Please report to the repair ward on level G-6 for a full tuneup and re-programming.

  • jordyban
    jordyban18 dager siden

    How many wizard battles have taken place at clortho?

  • Blarnix
    Blarnix18 dager siden

    “Wizard pepper!” “Unbelievable.”

  • Steven Kissinger
    Steven Kissinger18 dager siden

    Make this into a Netflix show!!!

  • Tad McCalister
    Tad McCalister18 dager siden

    It said their test scores were in the 24th percentile. What schools' scores were in the first through 23rd percentiles?

  • TurnN'Burn


    12 dager siden

    I have a similar question about Hogwarts. It was in the 97 percentile so which school scored higher?

  • Awesomemation Studios
    Awesomemation Studios18 dager siden

    171 is still pretty high it doesn't sound like that bad of a school

  • Sora64444
    Sora6444418 dager siden

    this would be way better than harry potter

  • Steve King
    Steve King18 dager siden


  • Josh Ezzo
    Josh Ezzo18 dager siden

    jhits on swiffers

  • TurnN'Burn


    12 dager siden

    He actually says "Two little niggers on a Swiffer"

  • Kiran Benny
    Kiran Benny20 dager siden

    Wizard pepper the only way to fly🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mark Holub
    Mark Holub20 dager siden

    “Oh that’s an actual rat.” 🤣🤣

  • John Poltz
    John Poltz20 dager siden

    Tyrone is that you? Nope, that's an actual rat.

  • Nice And Shiny
    Nice And Shiny20 dager siden

    1. Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 2. Mohoutokoro 3. The Salem Witches Institute, U.S.A. 4. Durmstrung institute 5. Beauxbatons Academy of Magic 6. Academy of War Mages 7. Arcane Order 8. Blackwell’s School of Spells 9. Conservatory of Spell Binding 10. Darklore 11. Drakkellian Guild of Sorcery 12. Forathmire 13. Hall of Tomes 14. Ithellian College of Magic and Science 15. Korumoch School of Wizarding 16. Ornisem’s Academy 17. Sarribella’s House of Seers 18. Seminary, The 19. Tower of Arcanology 20. Tower of High Wizardry 21. University of Aridorn - College of Magic ------------- 158. Yorth East 159. Beeble Weeble’s Newt School 160. Phineas T Pozzlenewt High School 161. Abracadabra School for Special Needs Wizards 162. West Magic High School 163. Marbury Knob 164. Goblin Conservatory 165. Succorius 166. Hervetticus H Lonnigan Magnet School 167. Mellibount’s Lair for the Gifted 168. Snagglin Tripper’s Education Center 169. Magician’s Learning Plaza 170. Jason Ruiz’s School for Wayward Boys 171. Vincent Clorth Public School for Wizards 172. Daggermist Potions and Spells for Wizards 173. Moomy Plopfern’s High School for Dolts 174. McZee’s Bunker 175. Dark Arts Technical Institute

  • PDesaulniers


    15 dager siden

    LOL at the "Special Needs" school at 161 still ranked higher than Clortho.

  • MamboJambo
    MamboJambo20 dager siden

    Sometimes I wonder if the inner city schools of america are really that bad. Not a good place to be born at.

  • MamboJambo


    12 dager siden

    @TurnN'Burn Probably. But I'm not american, so I guess I dodged that one.

  • TurnN'Burn


    12 dager siden

    I'd guess they aren't nearly that bad.....they are far worse! It would be hell to have to go to one of those schools.

    GWENT KENYA21 dag siden

    A wand with a silencer on it...where do these people get these ideas??!

    GWENT KENYA21 dag siden

    "1 out of 5 girls in this school is pregnant with a demon baby!" I gave up on life at this point! Wish I could like this TWICE!

  • Hiếu Nguyễn Trọng
    Hiếu Nguyễn Trọng21 dag siden

    I lost it from the wand with silencer on it

  • Deify Samurai
    Deify Samurai21 dag siden

    "No that's an actual rat "

  • WILL winning
    WILL winning21 dag siden

    this would make a dope comedy movie

  • Ravenlino Soriano
    Ravenlino Soriano21 dag siden

    Silenced Wand, now I've seen everything

  • Kiran Benny
    Kiran Benny21 dag siden

    Why have a wand with a silencer on it😄😄😄😄😄

  • Aying
    Aying21 dag siden


  • Theodore Bear
    Theodore Bear21 dag siden

    Honestly this is such a great skit.

  • Killian O'Shaughnessy
    Killian O'Shaughnessy21 dag siden

    This needs to be HP canon

  • Chegg Account
    Chegg Account22 dager siden

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  • Ty B
    Ty B22 dager siden

    He said who is that Tyrone 😂

  • Mr Red Fox
    Mr Red Fox22 dager siden

    I can't be the only one who would love a series about an inner city school of magic.

  • Esther Montejo
    Esther Montejo22 dager siden

    "Oh no, that's an actual rat" Hahaha

  • Kahlil Labastilla
    Kahlil Labastilla22 dager siden

    "Here's a wand with a silencer on it. Why?" ROFL