I Said Bitch - Key & Peele


Two friends are completely honest with each other about what they say to their wives.
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About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  • MArk jhon lawrence D. lepalam
    MArk jhon lawrence D. lepalam13 timer siden

    The BFF bonding together

  • MArk jhon lawrence D. lepalam
    MArk jhon lawrence D. lepalam13 timer siden

    This is very funny

  • Ethan A
    Ethan ADag siden

    "You said bitch though?" "Hm?" "You called your wife a bitch!" "...Uunghhyeahh"

  • Sægē λiden
    Sægē λidenDag siden

    Why do they keep uploading the same videos

  • Ragnar Helsson
    Ragnar HelssonDag siden

    This is basically two white guys about to tell a racist joke.

  • Rohaizad Aziz
    Rohaizad Aziz2 dager siden

    Darr.... Relll..

  • Asterizen
    Asterizen2 dager siden

    3:52 im making a note to clip this

  • Zaki. H

    Zaki. H

    2 dager siden


  • N N
    N N2 dager siden

    I said.... I said...... I said biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch

  • Banana Joe
    Banana Joe2 dager siden

    I calls my wife b...., thats fun. 🤣🤣

  • judewayett ambali
    judewayett ambali3 dager siden

    3:56 when peele is sus

  • Tshemedi Ramasia
    Tshemedi Ramasia3 dager siden

    I said skrrrrr im here b*tch

  • Neil Orridge
    Neil Orridge4 dager siden

    I say BIIIIIIII... -eautiful... I said, you look beautiful 👍

  • michael warren
    michael warren4 dager siden

    Not only the BEST sketch they EVER made!!!!!....one of the BEST Comedy Sketches of ALL TIME!!!!!

  • Aviral2108
    Aviral21084 dager siden

    these 2 folks will be the first to land on mars to say the famous words

  • Onkel Pappkov
    Onkel Pappkov4 dager siden

    Finally, an uncensored one. And it's one of my favorites, too. I was worried.

  • Ahmednur Khamis
    Ahmednur Khamis4 dager siden

    POV: this is not the first time u watch this

  • A
    A4 dager siden

    @1:43 hey!!

  • Rubber Band Entertainment
    Rubber Band Entertainment4 dager siden

    2:42 when TF were this guy in blockbuster 😂

  • Daniel Lavarier
    Daniel Lavarier5 dager siden

    When they were hiding in the trees with their eyes closed, I felt that.

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P5 dager siden

    I've seen this before.

  • KroNein
    KroNein5 dager siden

    This may be the best one yet

  • joshua thachil
    joshua thachil5 dager siden

    2:31 if I cant see them, they cant see me...........

  • UnpredictedSausage
    UnpredictedSausage5 dager siden

    3:53 When they voted you out, but you ain't the Imposter

  • Winston Goldstein
    Winston Goldstein5 dager siden

    Brave Men

  • A Turt
    A Turt5 dager siden

    2:40 i thought they went to heaven lmao

  • Abhinav Verma
    Abhinav Verma5 dager siden

    say watchu mean, mean watchu say

  • Wendell Stamps
    Wendell Stamps5 dager siden

    I looked 207 people straight down their optic nerves!!!!!!

  • Kruppt808
    Kruppt8086 dager siden

    I was like son of a jack rabbit

  • Mirza Ghalib
    Mirza Ghalib6 dager siden

    Unrealistic. I have a difficult time believing these guys have black wives....

  • Erika Sosa
    Erika Sosa6 dager siden


  • Hitler Sensei
    Hitler Sensei6 dager siden

    Well no shit Sherlock.

  • That Boii
    That Boii6 dager siden

    I don't mind but why did they re release is??

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards6 dager siden

    The skit that started it all

  • Angelo
    Angelo6 dager siden

    A classic 😂

  • JustOk
    JustOk6 dager siden


  • Logan Ross
    Logan Ross6 dager siden

    Could also call this skit “marriage”.

  • Tyler Askew
    Tyler Askew6 dager siden


  • Haisui Sonny7
    Haisui Sonny76 dager siden

    Cnt get enough 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dreadicus Jenkins
    Dreadicus Jenkins6 dager siden

    How this video *doesn't* have precisely 3.95 Billion views, is beyond me...!

  • Isaiah Devers
    Isaiah Devers6 dager siden


  • LaserGamer28
    LaserGamer286 dager siden

    The end was scary tho. He sacrificed himself to tell “biiiiitch” 🤣

  • Jordan Behm
    Jordan Behm6 dager siden

    Get you a man that hugs you the way Jordan peele hugs that tree trunk 😂

  • James Price
    James Price6 dager siden

    I thought this skit was bullshit till i got together with my fiance ... its too fuckin real

  • Roshan Tamang
    Roshan Tamang7 dager siden

    Classic. 😂😂😂

  • JamieChewyGG61
    JamieChewyGG617 dager siden

    The original key and peele viral vid

  • Elf man
    Elf man7 dager siden

    Who else looked at their surrounding when they looked.

  • john Cast
    john Cast7 dager siden

    Just watching this on Mother's Day lol.

  • Zoota Andrew Mahera
    Zoota Andrew Mahera7 dager siden

    thaibawih skit

  • Joshua Mercy
    Joshua Mercy7 dager siden

    The binocular😂😂😂😂

  • A Skylander Channel
    A Skylander Channel7 dager siden

    Why do they keep reposting all of their old skits? Imagine if bigger channels just kept reuploading their old videos like "in case you forgot i uploaded this video a few years back"

  • Red Scorpian
    Red Scorpian7 dager siden

    why do you keep reuploading old stuff...?

  • monke
    monke7 dager siden

    for some reason this skit comes back to me the most even though i dont relate to it at all

  • TheCheemster636
    TheCheemster6367 dager siden

    This has gotten re released

  • Tina Chandra
    Tina Chandra7 dager siden

    I love the part where he hugs the tree. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fedrik Leneus
    Fedrik Leneus7 dager siden

    "You said bitch tho"😂😂

  • jorge bonilla
    jorge bonilla7 dager siden

    they in a spaceship but still scared checking if they might be around eavesdropping.

  • Prazer Tixa
    Prazer Tixa7 dager siden

    I said biiiiiiiitch

  • adam vaid
    adam vaid7 dager siden

    Once you watch Key & Peele videos YOU CANT STOP !!!

  • Joyboy
    Joyboy8 dager siden

    Seeing the title on my recommendation is enough to make me laugh lmao.

  • Daniel Thalakottur
    Daniel Thalakottur8 dager siden

    Modern family

  • Samesthetic
    Samesthetic8 dager siden

    not sure who titles and edits these videos but why would you put the fuckin punchline as the video's still-image? and i've seen a few skits where the joke was in the actual TITLE holy shit. thought you could do better than THAT!

  • kricsek
    kricsek8 dager siden

    2:51 bhhiiiiiiaaaaaaiiiiiiiiittchchchch :D :D

    SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY8 dager siden

    I said, 👁👁👀 Bee chh

  • xNjTuna
    xNjTuna8 dager siden

    dam repost

  • Francis Chikonde
    Francis Chikonde8 dager siden

    Never gets old!!!😂🤣😂

  • Gul Eyy
    Gul Eyy8 dager siden

    I looked right toward her eye and said 👀 biiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh

  • sa sa
    sa sa8 dager siden


  • not that guy Reilly
    not that guy Reilly8 dager siden

    I said....., I said......I said..... bieeeetch.

  • Eggs Tyrone
    Eggs Tyrone8 dager siden

    Straight up, Chili’s.

  • K dawg
    K dawg8 dager siden

    Acting tough till wife shows up... Wives: hey guys K&P: hey.. blah blah.. washing machine... bla blah blah.. They freak out till I couldn't understand them 🤣🤣🤣

  • Noah Sperry
    Noah Sperry8 dager siden

    I said I’ve already seen this years ago don’t need to upload again... yet here I am still good video 👌🏼

  • Stephen Carboni
    Stephen Carboni8 dager siden

    Uploaded 4 days ago... HOW?

  • Jeffery Thomas
    Jeffery Thomas8 dager siden

    They hid in the tree like Schwarzenegger in Predator.🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Sean Chapman
    Sean Chapman8 dager siden

    Why do they keep re-uploading the same videos? Like they have ran out of ideas.

  • XxCHRISchaosxX
    XxCHRISchaosxX8 dager siden

    You cant just reupload your skits every few months to get views again .-. or can you

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw8 dager siden

    That is two very unhealthy relationships.

  • CoolUsername
    CoolUsername8 dager siden

    First K&P skit I ever saw and this shit remains a masterpiece to this day.

  • ocloudx
    ocloudx8 dager siden

    This is funny if this isn't real...

  • JaJa Binks
    JaJa Binks8 dager siden


  • Filip Gaspar
    Filip Gaspar8 dager siden

    Enough reposting please

  • Jaded Old Joe
    Jaded Old Joe8 dager siden

    This whole sketch is how white people tell black jokes...

  • istheofficalJay
    istheofficalJay8 dager siden


  • Help me reach 200
    Help me reach 2009 dager siden

    Those are old

  • Amey Wani
    Amey Wani9 dager siden

    Every Key and Peele has atleast one comment that say 'consequences'

  • SliccVicc
    SliccVicc9 dager siden


  • Yudri Tewak
    Yudri Tewak9 dager siden

    Old but gold!

  • Rocky
    Rocky9 dager siden


  • Aled
    Aled9 dager siden

    Both jump into a black hole into a parallel dimension "I said biiiiiitch"

  • Glen Frog
    Glen Frog9 dager siden

    No matter where you are guys Someone's always listening Trust them.

  • bharath sivakumar
    bharath sivakumar9 dager siden


  • Bob wehadababyitsaboi
    Bob wehadababyitsaboi9 dager siden

    Simp super heroes

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez9 dager siden

    When are you going to upload the bachelor party skit ?

  • Kitten Oscar
    Kitten Oscar9 dager siden

    When he hugged tree😂😂😂

  • Eons Infinity
    Eons Infinity9 dager siden

    So why is this uploaded again? Oh nvm I don't care.

  • Naiem Roslee
    Naiem Roslee9 dager siden

    Beras kita beli apa takuttt. Mati tanam

  • Nazar Soroka
    Nazar Soroka9 dager siden

    they didn’t really go to space. that’s fake. right?

  • Javonte Treble
    Javonte Treble9 dager siden

    3:56 Holy shit! My man's finally got to get high on potenuse - so much so, he thinks he's actually floatin' off into space!

  • Nur Pancing channel
    Nur Pancing channel9 dager siden

    wkkk ngakak gan 😆😆

  • Solomon Unoke
    Solomon Unoke9 dager siden

    This is something else

  • T Köppen
    T Köppen9 dager siden

    i said... b-word