God Visits a Prayer Group - Key & Peele


God answers this group’s prayers.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  • Lorenzo Alladin
    Lorenzo Alladin6 timer siden

    Dat expressed reaction on his face was priceless 🤣 wat u mean everything

  • will Lineback
    will Lineback9 timer siden

    Sounds about right.

  • coven27
    coven2719 timer siden

    Well Done. They miss often, but when they hit they are golden.

  • Chad Windham
    Chad Windham20 timer siden

    This is scary accurate of Western/American christianity actually...

  • ath ul
    ath ulDag siden

    This God kinda sounds like Obama

  • Student Programmer
    Student ProgrammerDag siden


  • Mojo RISIN
    Mojo RISINDag siden

    Mocking not good

  • Cherry Cherry
    Cherry Cherry2 dager siden

    God wouldn't want you to be poor

  • Aaron Archual
    Aaron Archual3 dager siden

    Key and Peele literally just did a modern reboot of the story in the Bible of the rich young ruler. Shoot. I might have to use this...

  • Jesus Esmentira
    Jesus Esmentira4 dager siden

    I like how people say "it's not realistic" as if anyone could know god's "mind". it's been a thousand years since the bible was fabricated, sorry I meant written. I believe if there is a god he might have changed his mind by now. I know I don't have the same beliefs from just a few years ago. If you had told me three years ago that I would love watching midgets having sex with amputees I would have called you crazy. . .but here I am...

  • Zaki. H

    Zaki. H

    4 dager siden

    this was a rollercoaster of emotions

  • fact now
    fact now4 dager siden

    And finally they meet 72 virgins. LOL

  • Fundamental Fanatic
    Fundamental Fanatic5 dager siden

    "dont wear mixed fabrics"

  • Zen Zen
    Zen Zen5 dager siden

    So does that include the house 🏠and their garments. Walk 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️ around, naked and homeless, preaching the gospel 🙏

  • thousand miles
    thousand miles6 dager siden

    Churches would make a good place to house and feed homeless. Closed most of the week, plenty of space.

  • Micah McAllister
    Micah McAllister6 dager siden


  • ubiquity
    ubiquity6 dager siden

    There is a reason why Abraham is called the father of faith. It's not because he had blind faith, but because he knew that even if he killed Isaac, God is able to raise him from the dead. These Christians only know how deep their pockets are.

  • Alexander James
    Alexander James8 dager siden

    Double hearted. Drawing near God with words but not with your heart. Rejecting Gods calling. Not yielding unto God.

  • Jeremya Ford
    Jeremya Ford8 dager siden

    Kee:I wanna clarify Me:"That's illegal"

  • Birger Jarl
    Birger Jarl8 dager siden

    The same dilemma as the far leftists. Talk about materialism as theft but never want to part with their ipad

  • Baron Warborn
    Baron Warborn8 dager siden

    Why I don’t pray

  • Hashtag Boi
    Hashtag Boi8 dager siden


  • I-Lon3511
    I-Lon35119 dager siden

    Fuck that I ain't selling my shit

  • 1Deag Wonder
    1Deag Wonder9 dager siden

    Funny and true

  • Perselo Incorporado
    Perselo Incorporado9 dager siden

    This is like darkmatter episodes, haha

  • Larry Garland
    Larry Garland9 dager siden

    There you have it. God must be a low-down-dirty-liberal-socialist! Like George Carlin, I worship the Sun. (But only during the day.)

  • Andrew Gramlich
    Andrew Gramlich10 dager siden

    This probably one of the best skits that was going to make or break key and peel for me, but I'm glad they chose the right answer

  • Alyssa Kramer
    Alyssa Kramer10 dager siden

    hhhh reminds me of my HOA landlady in Florida saying love your neighbors every time we visit but refuse to have dinner in the Thai lady's house down the street

  • Brandon James
    Brandon James11 dager siden

    I've always wondered why god hates handicapped, crippled and otherwise afflicted children. He seems to NEVER answer any of their prayers.

  • grantodamax
    grantodamax11 dager siden

    If it was the real God, he would have already known that would happen. Therefor that was not the real God and the reaction that the house was haunted with a ghost was not unfounded.

  • Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise
    Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise12 dager siden

    accurate as fuck

  • Kevin R. Fitzgerald
    Kevin R. Fitzgerald15 dager siden

    The first thing I would say is get up. See that you don't do that. If, I was God, I wouldn't like that...

  • あれBanana
    あれBanana15 dager siden

    this is actually so true. Rid ourselves of earthly possessions? Make ourselves poor while helping other poor? The rich : Ain't nobody got time for that

  • Anil Rai
    Anil Rai15 dager siden

    lol. dislike are from pope.

  • will crisp
    will crisp16 dager siden

    America explained in 1:26 min.

  • Daniel Voyles
    Daniel Voyles16 dager siden

    I was expecting the God voice to say at the end, "Hahaha, they never actually want my help. Gets them every time".

  • Gabbie Gabbie
    Gabbie Gabbie16 dager siden

    Sum stuff just isnt from God. I seen this in real life. Pastor said empty your account for Jesus and people silently left. That was only that Pastors greed lmbo

  • aryiooeetygv


    4 dager siden


  • Finger Picking Good
    Finger Picking Good16 dager siden

    One of Jesus' hardest teachings. This skit is funny, but it make me think... We all have the capacity to give more. But we like our comfort zone and our possessions.

  • Xvaldez32
    Xvaldez3216 dager siden

    Anyone else notice how dummy thiccc snake?

  • Farhan Mahesar
    Farhan Mahesar17 dager siden

    Everything will be left here, let's do for next life after death

  • TheThreeved
    TheThreeved17 dager siden

    Straight out of the Bible: Parable of the Rich Fool (Luke 12:16-21)

  • Andrew Joseph Thomas Cooper
    Andrew Joseph Thomas Cooper17 dager siden

    There's nothing wrong with the wealthy. God praises those who nb are frugal with their income. But he's despises those who are greedy. Jesus knew the mans heart when he asked him to sell all of his possessions to follow him. He did this to show conviction.

  • Really Smart Guy
    Really Smart Guy17 dager siden

    it really would be cool if god would do this to the TV evangelists

  • The 2DT-Vlog by TheDdreams
    The 2DT-Vlog by TheDdreams18 dager siden

    If you read this completely, it may change your life. As a kid, I asked God to become a king over my own businesses so that I could use the profits from all of the many kinds of business & help the poor with it. Since I was poor. God didn't respond, nor did I expect him to, but the feeling of seeing my works had done so good for people, gave me a feeling that was better than anything I had ever felt, so I asked to do it when I got older. A few years passed & I felt the spirits of people around me & I spoke: "Okay" to what they asked or told (Elaine Arkansas Race Massacre of 1919 victims of my hometown). A few years passed again & as I sat on the steps of our porch, God showed me a vision & I asked for His protection after seeing it (I can't remember what it was). Became a young adult & into the street life & an urge to go & get prayer stayed on me until one night I decided to go & get prayer. This preacher was putting his hands on the people's forehead as he prayed for them & then pushed their heads back when he finished & the people fainted. I had never heard of a prophet so I am skeptical on the spot. Then he did it to my cousin & she fainted & now I said to myself: "I ain't finna do that" (faint). Then my turn. Before he put his hands upon my forehead, he stepped back & looked over my head & I said to myself: "oh, this dude is finna start tripping" & then he said, as he pointed me into my chest: "I see bullets flying over your head, but God wants me to tell you that He is going to shield those bullets from you". The whole church went Amen! Then he prayed for me & pushed my head back & I thanked him & walked off. I got what I came for. He looked sad because I didn't faint, but it wasn't about him, I said that I wouldn't faint so I guess that is why I didn't. But as I walked away I thought about it & said to myself: "if that is true, that is pretty cool". Months later, it happened the way he said it would, except for my disobeying God's instructions to "turn now", which cause me to be shot in the back, but only 1 of many bullet holes, went into me. Yet, I knew He still protected me. 20 & something years later, God gave me projects that I am building to complete that same business I asked Him for when I was a kid & the instructions God sent me to raise working capital, the way made me fear standing under lights while surrounded by darkness because that is how I shot in 1994 in a similar way. So, I create a vlog (video blog) instead of getting on a stage. I knew what kind of mouth I had & I knew not everyone would like it & so standing on a stage while another sniper took aim at me, was not something I wanted to do. Even though I knew God was my protector. So basically, I had put a limit on His powers & guess what? I had beef with this company who I was going to expose with my vlog & they hired a Made-man to kill me & he recruited the corrupted cops to stop the hit, but they remembered how I had detained them a year prior like I was their boss & I guess that was too much & so God didn't even warn me as He did in 1994. He held me so that they could shoot me. No holes this time, but I still felt them & they hurt. Then I seen objects react that was strange (bullets) & they vanished. And God put 2 females on the scene because the 1994 shooters never went to jail & I had planned to not go to court anymore if someone tried to kill me again. When God knocked the female's back window out & made me think it was the last bullet that vanished before hitting their back window had done it & I did & it was what made me know that they shot me. It hit me 6 times & they tried 3 headshots & the last 1 was to test his gun on another target since it was working on me. God is doing this kind of Miracles to keep people from killing me & so it must be important? That business. Social Capitalism is to use "my" creativity & create opportunities for others to help me take care of God's poor & so the Elite would help too. That question, The Christ told the rich man? Well, this first customer club from God, is to be almost like that, but it won't take their money, they would have to Pre-Order from it. If they don't? Then He would take it from them & give it to the righteous. As His Word says He would do. So, I have to speak truth to power & they don't like that, but as you may know by now. I Don't give a "rat booty". I know my job. I am just waiting on you people to help me do it. Or? I would do alone & that is not what God wants of me because we are to do it. But I will.

  • The 2DT-Vlog by TheDdreams
    The 2DT-Vlog by TheDdreams18 dager siden

    This is what The Lord is having me set up. Not as to take it all, but to show Him that they trust Him over their money. Tithing & Offering? God has given me a club that would test a whole lot of people with their money. And, they can't run away neither. LOL

  • William Myers
    William Myers19 dager siden

    I would prefer to say I’m Christjan than to actually act like one....

  • Moments with J
    Moments with J19 dager siden

    Yep that's why I'm an atheist. Their is nothing like Christian love 🤣 or religious over should I say

  • NerdsOfWrestling
    NerdsOfWrestling20 dager siden


  • A A
    A A21 dag siden


  • Austin Beattie
    Austin Beattie21 dag siden

    Now I’m no biblical scholar. But I’m pretty sure nothing good ever came from ignoring a direct order from the Big Guy.

  • Holden and Papa
    Holden and Papa22 dager siden

    I would sell all my possessions and when God is sleeping, steal it all back.

  • Royal Empath
    Royal Empath22 dager siden

    I'd like to see these wealthy and rich Pastors do this, Kenneth Copeland's net worth is $900 million and why???

  • Tica Toc
    Tica Toc22 dager siden

    Ain’t that the truth

  • Diego Topete
    Diego Topete23 dager siden

    '"It's Insidious!!" 🤣🤣

  • suzuki no1
    suzuki no124 dager siden

    Its insidious!! I'm crying...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joel Maliskas
    Joel Maliskas24 dager siden

    "It's insidious!" lmao

  • We Are
    We Are24 dager siden

    Shouldn’t have had “ah I see what they did there” at the end, but other than that this was one of my all time favorite skits. Loved it

  • We Are

    We Are

    24 dager siden

    @Dinand /// correct. I said they shouldN’T

  • Dinand ///

    Dinand ///

    24 dager siden

    ...thats literally what is at the end

  • lumapas
    lumapas24 dager siden

    GOD:"thats bullshit! All I wanted was 10% of your income"😅✌

  • Adam Bogan
    Adam Bogan24 dager siden

    I ordered a pizza one time

  • Chris Lehman
    Chris Lehman24 dager siden

    Nah, that's ok. Imma keep my shit.

  • Gerald O'Hare
    Gerald O'Hare25 dager siden

    This is on a genius level.

  • terbospeed
    terbospeed25 dager siden

    What would Ned Flanders do?

  • XCAL 345
    XCAL 34525 dager siden

    Every relegion until they actually have to follow the rule RULES.

  • D N
    D N25 dager siden

    "There is a specter haunting this house, the specter of communism" - Ghostbusters

  • Aj
    Aj25 dager siden

    God sounds like Shenron from Dragonball Z

  • indian singh
    indian singh25 dager siden

    It's insidious 😂

  • xxyanlixx
    xxyanlixx25 dager siden

    It's all christian and divine until you have to sell your lovely house.

  • nathan hardin
    nathan hardin25 dager siden


  • Heather Warren
    Heather Warren26 dager siden

    I was waiting on peele to say something like "everything including the toilet?"

  • Ken Masters
    Ken Masters26 dager siden

    Plot Twist: God as usual didn’t mean it because it was just another strong test of faith.

  • Alex Freetime
    Alex Freetime26 dager siden

    Just donate everything to a member of your family that you really trust, you keep living there but officially you own nothing

  • Keaton Castillo
    Keaton Castillo26 dager siden

    Your a good christian until someone calls you out on being a bad one lol

  • lmao_heisenberg
    lmao_heisenberg26 dager siden

    Found the perfect key and peele sketch...I think my journey ends here

  • John Murphy
    John Murphy27 dager siden

    Unbased: Sell everything I own (probably 100,000 dollars at most) and give it all to those less fortunate than me (No actual definition of what that entails) Based: Make a ton of money by hiring workers and producing goods that people want and benefit from daily, whilst also donating 10% of my earnings annually adding up to a SHIT ton more than 100,000 buckeroos.

  • Sixfoursoul
    Sixfoursoul27 dager siden

    It's insidious 😂

  • Matthew Pavi
    Matthew Pavi27 dager siden

    Isn't it ironic that this comedy video is more Biblical than most american gospel preachers today 😂.

  • misterjimmybob
    misterjimmybob27 dager siden

    Should have ended with: "really?, again?"

  • Rob.
    Rob.27 dager siden

    I'm a Christian and I find this hilarious and accurate. It's a shame there are so many people really like this.

    SHAE HARRIS27 dager siden

    Blasphemous but funny

  • A G
    A G28 dager siden

    Haha, it's a prayer group at one of our Houston mega-churches!

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes28 dager siden


  • poco29
    poco2928 dager siden

    Less is more, and more is less. I could care less about material stuff and I am way happier not having it.

  • D Spencer
    D Spencer28 dager siden

    Perfectly executed satire.. take a long look at yourselves"Christians" this is how the world sees you.

  • Individualist Joe
    Individualist Joe28 dager siden

    When I learned about nuclear weapons I became an atheist

  • KimJ
    KimJ28 dager siden

    Jeff bezos

  • Pound Trader
    Pound Trader28 dager siden

    Everybody wanna go to heaven but don't wanna follow the rules to get there

  • Propane
    Propane28 dager siden

    It's funny how people are able to worship Jesus and label anything to the left of Trump as "Radical Socialism" at the same time. You can be they'd call Jesus a "Radical Socialist" if he were among us today. Christianity is just a charade to them.

  • Randall Madison

    Randall Madison

    28 dager siden

    Ghandi once noted that Christians were the most un-Christ like people he had ever met.

  • Louis BigEra
    Louis BigEra29 dager siden

    My cousin is a hard core christian. He told me money doesnt mean anything and when he loses stuff, god always gives it back to him. So I told him to pay me my 2 grand that he owes me and he told me I was fucked up and he stopped talking to me.

  • Black Fang32
    Black Fang3229 dager siden


  • DarthDragon117
    DarthDragon11729 dager siden

    How to discover if your house is haunted by the Father, the Son, or the Holy Ghost.

  • John Estupido
    John Estupido29 dager siden


  • Ramy Bohairy
    Ramy Bohairy29 dager siden

    True fact if ppl was asked that to the heaven granted yes most of them will do so..

  • mj23allday247
    mj23allday24729 dager siden

    You know Joel Osteen would be screaming the same shit

  • Najat Alshoka
    Najat AlshokaMåned siden

    This is hilarious!

  • Logical Artist
    Logical ArtistMåned siden

    Sounds more like Jesus than God

  • A R Saurabh
    A R SaurabhMåned siden


  • Dainsleif
    DainsleifMåned siden

    They should've asked Mammon instead of Jesus, he's only a carpenter... man, c'mon.....

  • Jesse Rothhammer
    Jesse RothhammerMåned siden


  • Ian Palacios
    Ian PalaciosMåned siden

    😂😂😂 pretty much but my momma would sue scares me sometimes.. driving with her eyes closed like “gods got me” (ps she’s wrecked 4 cars)

  • Arturo Alvarado
    Arturo AlvaradoMåned siden

    This what Joel Olsteen did when the last hurricane came to Houston .

  • SureShot748


    22 dager siden

    Hahahaha dude didn't show up on camera for days and when he did you could see all his botox injections.

  • Quintusblake
    QuintusblakeMåned siden

    The fact that it took God a second to get the joke is the funniest shit.