Finding a New Home Is Hard - Key & Peele

A landlord’s tour of his listing leaves quite the impression.

About Key \u0026 Peele:
Key \u0026 Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  • Zippy
    Zippy7 timer siden

    I thought the ending was gonna be the couple going "Okay cool, we'll take it. :)" and got something _much_ better.

  • CheeseFactory42
    CheeseFactory4215 timer siden

    Tyler Perry would love this skit, the homeowner reminds me of Maddia! Lol

  • Johnny Stack
    Johnny StackDag siden

    She is so hot 😍

  • Big man Lee
    Big man Lee2 dager siden

    Where do u get that fit

  • arnigx
    arnigx2 dager siden

    Why he will murder them, not kill them ?? ^^

  • Isaac Spartan
    Isaac Spartan2 dager siden

    Dead! Only Dave Chappelle, and Key and Peele have mastered this type of comedy where the ending introduces a switch who h changes the context of everything you have just seen.

  • Denzil Rodrigues
    Denzil Rodrigues3 dager siden

    I like how he still thinks his nephew, Craig, is a good kid even though he was shot by him twice

  • Trantor The Troll
    Trantor The Troll3 dager siden

    This is what me and my brother literally JUST went through trying to find a house!

  • paradox ward
    paradox ward3 dager siden

    'okay honey let's hit this rock real quick..' lost it.

  • Sodnom Bayarsaikhan
    Sodnom Bayarsaikhan4 dager siden

    1:42 😂

  • Archangel Tyrael
    Archangel Tyrael4 dager siden

    That’s the same landlord as the video “when your weird landlord shows up unannounced”. Complete with the sword and all.

  • Gunt
    Gunt5 dager siden

    Nobody’s talking about this mans sWord cane??

  • Alex Szymczak
    Alex Szymczak6 dager siden

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  • Prince Kabaso
    Prince Kabaso6 dager siden

    That twist though, so they were the crackheads he was talking about but this time they were posing as potential buyers.

  • The Yeast With The Least
    The Yeast With The Least11 dager siden

    Honestly he seems like he’s doing his best, and is having a real hard time right right now

  • R. Washington
    R. Washington11 dager siden

    Low key. Kind of nice apartment for Crack 😆

  • Charles Hodge
    Charles Hodge11 dager siden

    Jessy Pinkerton wtf

  • andre49ers
    andre49ers11 dager siden

    He really meant nobody gonna see him again. Too funny

  • Emanuela Grescavage
    Emanuela Grescavage11 dager siden

    When I need a laugh,like today,I come here to watch you guys. 😂😂😂😂😂Thank you!

  • Jessy Sharp
    Jessy Sharp12 dager siden

    Finally we get the beginning of the shady landlord

  • BeefheartLynch
    BeefheartLynch13 dager siden

    BRILLIANT skit.

  • Wookiee Lee
    Wookiee Lee13 dager siden

    Madea’s twin brother

  • Jamal Tayeb
    Jamal Tayeb14 dager siden

    What a finish !!!

  • Ariel Jones
    Ariel Jones15 dager siden

    1:53 Bro, I thought that was a fly that flew into frame for a second lmao

  • Curt Dennise
    Curt Dennise15 dager siden

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  • Curt Dennise
    Curt Dennise16 dager siden

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  • XPlatypus
    XPlatypus16 dager siden

    “He mistook his 9 mm- that’s a pistol sweetheart- for the tv remote.”

  • darktennisball
    darktennisball16 dager siden

    The end punchline actually changes the entire meaning of the skit

  • staple_gun
    staple_gun16 dager siden

    I was thinking, "The perfect was to end this would be for them to say something like, 'Did you hear how easy it is to get crack around here!? I'm in!'" Then they started just straight up doing crack and it was even better.

  • Hayden Jory
    Hayden Jory16 dager siden

    Ik the cane was a sword from the 1st time i saw it cause the warthog tusk is a very common handle 4 it.

  • Mohd Khalid
    Mohd Khalid18 dager siden

    I see, this was a prequel.

  • Anouk Fleur
    Anouk Fleur18 dager siden

    Man though... the neighbourhood may be a problem but damn that’s a good landlord, true dedication to keeping his tenants safe. I’d pick him in a heartbeat tbh

  • It's the streets, man.
    It's the streets, man.18 dager siden

    Roll on lil nihha

  • Harold Balczac
    Harold Balczac18 dager siden

    The windows have been there longer than the house...

  • Louis Emery
    Louis Emery18 dager siden

    My wife and I rent out a couple of apartments for a few years now. I should show this to her.

  • Guilherme Bottossi
    Guilherme Bottossi18 dager siden

    Hope they don´t find a 4'11" dude with a purple beard in there.

  • Garet Crader
    Garet Crader19 dager siden

    s*W*ord CANE!

  • Grit Your Teeth
    Grit Your Teeth20 dager siden

    Who's she? She's cute.

  • Darian Birckett
    Darian Birckett22 dager siden

    ... went looney tunes. Lmao

  • Walter Hill
    Walter Hill24 dager siden

    So who is the girl? Asking for a friend

  • Ignacio Makayla
    Ignacio Makayla25 dager siden

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  • BtrDaze
    BtrDaze25 dager siden

    This was dope. Top 5 sketches

  • Dennis Graham
    Dennis Graham25 dager siden

    Thats how u deal with squatters!!

  • Damian Smoke
    Damian Smoke26 dager siden

    The stuff with Craig sounds exactly like the stuff with my dad he's a good guy he's just on crack

  • Carolyn Smith Ashkh
    Carolyn Smith Ashkh27 dager siden

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  • Ageless Martial Arts Las Vegas
    Ageless Martial Arts Las Vegas27 dager siden

    Honestly that’s a great land lord.

  • Robert Salgado
    Robert Salgado27 dager siden

    "Imma cut you with ma swoohord cane!" 🤣🤣

  • Nich Hodge
    Nich HodgeMåned siden

    I have to say finding a funny American tv show is like find a winning lottery ticket 🎫 they’re are few of them but the rest are worthless. This is a rare case of a funny American tv show

  • Nich Hodge
    Nich HodgeMåned siden

    I love that sword cane gonna have to add one of them to my sword collection ⚔️ 🗡 ⚔️

  • Brandon James
    Brandon JamesMåned siden

    I defy ANYONE to honestly tell me that they saw the ending coming. M. Knight should take a lesson from K&P because I have predicted EVERY one of his movies' ending accurately. NOT ONCE have I predicted a K&P ending.

  • Skirlasvoud
    SkirlasvoudMåned siden

    "I'mma cut you with mah swort cane!"

  • d d
    d dMåned siden

    "9 mm oh thats a pistol honey "🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • BeckRow
    BeckRowMåned siden

    Can anyone tell me the name of the actress?

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty ShacklefordMåned siden

    There is always big twist at the end and still they keep suprising me.

  • Jonah Siataga-Haugh
    Jonah Siataga-HaughMåned siden

    2:37 "can yall give me a second? *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*"

  • Springtime Mind
    Springtime MindMåned siden

    Well... that was unexpected.😳

  • craig
    craigMåned siden

    Mahn i was just riding out there for fun , wasnt even tryna shoot someone through the window

  • hefty lad
    hefty ladMåned siden

    I was expecting some form of twist and still got surprised lmao

  • Pawloski,Cassius
    Pawloski,CassiusMåned siden

    I mean at least he cares ahahaha

  • Rental Snake
    Rental SnakeMåned siden

    "OK baby let's hit this potenuse real quick"

  • Parvinder Anoop
    Parvinder AnoopMåned siden

    So they were high therefore they weren't saying anything.

  • C. Lee
    C. LeeMåned siden


  • DaveOJ
    DaveOJMåned siden

    Is that landlord the same character as the sketch with the small guy?

  • mickel mccain
    mickel mccainMåned siden


  • fnDrewskii
    fnDrewskiiMåned siden

    Anyone notice Key says "I'll need first months and last months rent and the security deposit" like why do you need last months if they weren't there 😂😂

  • Dark Entries
    Dark EntriesMåned siden

    honestly, what it's like renting in oakland

  • Ender White
    Ender WhiteMåned siden

    When your weird landlord shows up unannounced

  • Gilbert Gomes
    Gilbert GomesMåned siden

    Have you ever seen a man with a purple beard....

  • Theophilus Onime
    Theophilus OnimeMåned siden

    Landlord rockin' dat XIT eyewear...look like the V311's

  • winter fall
    winter fallMåned siden


  • IK K
    IK KMåned siden

    When the landlord hands him the revolver, that was some good writing :)

  • Justin
    JustinMåned siden

    I feel like half the joke is that the apartment is actually really good. The man is competent at his job.

  • Dark Entries

    Dark Entries

    Måned siden

    he cares about his property and his tenants!

  • VïTaL PUnkEr
    VïTaL PUnkErMåned siden

    Can someone please explain the ending?

  • Amina Bin Shafiq
    Amina Bin ShafiqMåned siden


  • Jeremy Stumbaugh
    Jeremy StumbaughMåned siden

    Honestly i'd take that guy as a landlord, never seen one so dedicated to protecting tenants

  • Geoffrey Alejandro
    Geoffrey AlejandroMåned siden

    the landlord we deserved xD

  • Rako11
    Rako11Måned siden

    Whats the name of the actress

  • Vincenzo Teahan
    Vincenzo TeahanMåned siden

    Great acting and makeup

  • enriched macaroni product
    enriched macaroni productMåned siden

    pretty cool that they got permission to film in florida for this. it is weird that they did a reality show instead of a skit this time though.

  • Kim Usher
    Kim UsherMåned siden

    This is my neighborhood, and I fricking live on Maui... I was like whoa...



  • Luis Vaz
    Luis VazMåned siden

    I thought I’ve seen all the episodes

  • dal dora
    dal doraMåned siden

    Ive never realized how badly i need a sword cane till now

  • Diaa
    DiaaMåned siden

    He's actually a cool landlord. There are others who don't even care for their tenants

  • R Boss
    R BossMåned siden

    I mean it's a bad neighborhood but I would pay extra for a landlord who is that committed.

  • Alpha Numeric Key
    Alpha Numeric KeyMåned siden

    ....Those are really nice floors.

  • Zeus Incoming2
    Zeus Incoming22 måneder siden

    Land lord says,, "GET THE FUCK OUT,," I got another set of Crack heads to move in! Atleast they Decent Crack heads!

  • Severan Vallery
    Severan Vallery2 måneder siden

    Again or these new videos I watched the comedy series religiously and I don't remember half of these videos

  • Khung-foo Kitty
    Khung-foo Kitty2 måneder siden

    Not the sword cane lol 😂

  • Derrick Hill
    Derrick Hill2 måneder siden

    Am I the only one who loved the flooring

  • monkeybunny
    monkeybunny2 måneder siden

    Asian women have become like a fking purse to interracial dating. Black men? Throw an Asian woman in there. Make it PC. White men? Throw in an Asian woman. Make it colorful. Asian men? Throw in an Asian woman, keep it traditional. Jewish? Throw in an Asian woman, make it kosher. Where the fk are the asian men at in all the movies and in TV shows.

  • Leo Alfaro
    Leo Alfaro2 måneder siden

    why are people saying this is a new episode? this is old

  • bored
    bored2 måneder siden

    honestly a caring landlord with great sales pitches like him i’d be sold fast

  • Phuong Huynh
    Phuong Huynh2 måneder siden

    When he’s your landlord, you gotta have the rent

  • mayday2592 !
    mayday2592 !2 måneder siden

    Who is the girlfriend?

  • B Mindful
    B Mindful2 måneder siden

    Key and Peele are great onscreen together.

  • IDNisme
    IDNisme2 måneder siden

    Lester be like:

  • Kasper Christensen
    Kasper Christensen2 måneder siden

    That gold tooth 😂

  • Feare909
    Feare9092 måneder siden

    Wow. Coach Hines really crashed hard after he quit teaching.