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The Key & Peele channel is the place to watch comedy sketches from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, whose Comedy Central show took on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as far-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, Mr. Garvey the substitute teacher, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.


  • Lev Chef Show
    Lev Chef Show12 timer siden

    *Best parody*

  • JP Bodollo
    JP Bodollo12 timer siden

    "Deez nuts were supporting life on your chin" bruh im dead 💀🤣

  • Arko Sarker
    Arko Sarker12 timer siden

    I actually love the production value

  • Ikmal buye
    Ikmal buye13 timer siden

    Mom can we have Filthyfrank and Idubbz? Mom: Nope we already had it at home. 0:28

  • Ardy Rizky
    Ardy Rizky13 timer siden

    i laugh on how he got 2 separate fart license, one with laminating and one with none 🤣🤣

  • Skulltronprime X9
    Skulltronprime X913 timer siden

    Wait I don't get this, can somebody help me?

  • Skharpuri K
    Skharpuri K13 timer siden

    Is there an uncensored version?

  • Skulltronprime X9
    Skulltronprime X913 timer siden

    7:48 Okay, that is extremely Racist

  • Sidhartha Mahapatra
    Sidhartha Mahapatra13 timer siden


  • Pedro S.
    Pedro S.13 timer siden

    1:25 that reaction tho 🤣🤣💀

  • Cécile Braillie
    Cécile Braillie13 timer siden

    wow they were really struggling with their improv and delivery here. Very mediocre sketch. kinda wish I hadn't seen it.

  • Saaid R
    Saaid R13 timer siden

    'that ain't gangsta'. OMW, i just cracked up

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe13 timer siden

    Will Smiths son 😅😄

  • David Sego
    David Sego13 timer siden

    Bald man goes to hang out at barber shop

  • matrixinterface
    matrixinterface13 timer siden

    I never saw Strike Force Eagle 1 and 2 so I probably won't be able to follow the plot of this one 😞

  • Lance Anthony
    Lance Anthony13 timer siden

    “no That’s Okay, I’LL DO IT”

  • Smoke
    Smoke13 timer siden

    Honestly a great representation of today's rap, and old timers.

    MAIN MAN13 timer siden

    I replaced seat belt with masks. Who knew then?🤣🤣🤣

  • Igor Groita
    Igor Groita13 timer siden

    You know you've matured when you think the music of the time you live in is crap.

  • Billy Jack
    Billy Jack13 timer siden

    So many millions of people don't want to read the Bible and learn about heaven......why? Are they like Carlito?

  • No Way
    No Way13 timer siden

    The teeearss, they buuurrn 😆

  • Timka Love
    Timka Love13 timer siden

    Which makes you know that it is indeed me

  • Rapbot's Universe
    Rapbot's Universe13 timer siden

    This is disturbing..

  • Fran Barshon
    Fran Barshon13 timer siden

    They actually saw each other perform a day apart and then friends introduced them..

  • Cécile Braillie
    Cécile Braillie13 timer siden

    those 7 white boys are easily impressed

  • Budi Darmawan
    Budi Darmawan13 timer siden

    That is one hell of a comb-over!

  • Fakeer Official
    Fakeer Official14 timer siden

    Slaps hard

  • Isaac Mounce
    Isaac Mounce14 timer siden

    Like when they try to make I war movie starring real soldiers.

  • Mohammed Lazim
    Mohammed Lazim14 timer siden

    All I can hear is [bleep!].

  • Isaac Mounce
    Isaac Mounce14 timer siden

    Someone watched Space Jam too much.

  • m1347
    m134714 timer siden

    for some reason the cash register sound at 0:53 kills me every time XD

  • Tamir Yardenne
    Tamir Yardenne14 timer siden

    That last okay... okay, I get it.

  • Nathaya Farrington
    Nathaya Farrington14 timer siden

    "Uhuh don't talk to me like that"🤣🤣

  • Strength & Discipline
    Strength & Discipline14 timer siden

    Why he leaving meeeeeeeee.... My babatgothaptsddd... My babygotheptsdommmmmgggmmooohhhmmmmhmmmmhmmmm.... 🤣

  • Dust Toh
    Dust Toh14 timer siden

    Hey kid, wanna play forehand backhand?

  • V Sen
    V Sen14 timer siden

    Everytime I see Peele in long hairs it reminds me of Thor.

  • V Sen
    V Sen14 timer siden

    I guess the sniper was Keegan.

  • Timka Love
    Timka Love14 timer siden

    Why is the shorter one so pretty as a girl

  • KluchTube
    KluchTube14 timer siden

    Murica in a nutshell

  • capo juan
    capo juan14 timer siden

    Is this all about money ? Very deep.

  • lil red
    lil red14 timer siden

    Catch ya on tha fliP 😂😂😂😂

  • Сергей Ягодин
    Сергей Ягодин14 timer siden


  • Aish Mash
    Aish Mash15 timer siden

    His crying was so cute

  • John Gallagher
    John Gallagher15 timer siden

    The way he is running from the girls and trying to avoid their hands touching him, lol

    RIVER LAND FARM15 timer siden

    Carlito your not loco man. Your more like zanny or goofy. 🤨

  • Shua Kim
    Shua Kim15 timer siden

    I keep watching this :((((

  • Intelligence
    Intelligence15 timer siden

    A gun of the long ass variety

  • Aish Mash
    Aish Mash15 timer siden

    Woah! This is my fav group of men😂

  • luca sorensen
    luca sorensen15 timer siden

    im from owatonna. i love black ice. fuck white snow. brother daren

  • David Velkey
    David Velkey15 timer siden

    MC Mom is da shiznit 😂

  • libbaT
    libbaT15 timer siden

    Falconism at its worst!

  • mbizzle03
    mbizzle0315 timer siden

    Which song is better? Shoot in the D**k or Pee on You? Lol

  • roseberry6202
    roseberry620215 timer siden

    DMT *1000*

  • lesROKnoobz
    lesROKnoobz15 timer siden

    there's some good lines in this. damn

  • Mason Compton
    Mason Compton15 timer siden

    The miniature group intermittently park because rise electrophysiologically tire concerning a entertaining toenail. blushing, spotty scooter

  • EZYmoney Mike
    EZYmoney Mike15 timer siden

    AKA The "stabin cabin"😂

  • David Velkey
    David Velkey16 timer siden

    Lmao a typical night in Chicago gone stupid 😂🤣😜🤡

  • Bm124 124
    Bm124 12416 timer siden

    Man, hulahoop training can get intense

  • Bm124 124
    Bm124 12416 timer siden

    Holy fuck they are actually using hula hoops.... they even Eiffel toward that bitch

  • Jerco x
    Jerco x16 timer siden

    What’s the Asian dancer’s name?

  • s
    s16 timer siden

    This is a better better US military ad then the my mom's gay one

  • Genghis khan
    Genghis khan16 timer siden

    The only french he spoke when he greeted the waiter with much confidence 😂

  • Bm124 124
    Bm124 12416 timer siden

    The way he says " i want...I want" is how I say it when I'm plastered on adult beverages

  • Bm124 124
    Bm124 12416 timer siden

    All this crazy shit going on and everyone else just enjoying a nice morning at church like a women being possessed and fighting Satan is completely normal occurrence

  • Lien
    Lien16 timer siden

    They replace the audio anyway, lol.

  • sirboom
    sirboom16 timer siden

    He sounds like Tech9. 😂

  • Bm124 124
    Bm124 12416 timer siden

    Did she just talk about wiping her stink hole on his face to the tune of Mario? 😳

  • Pedro Ivan Sanchez
    Pedro Ivan Sanchez16 timer siden

    this Too damnn Muchh..0

  • Bm124 124
    Bm124 12416 timer siden

    This is how Sesame Street got canceled

  • アニメAnimeyic
    アニメAnimeyic16 timer siden

    Don’t blur the middle finger, don’t blur his penis cast, but they bleep 🤬 the word dick…… Ummmm…. Ok.

  • Diane Upshaw
    Diane Upshaw16 timer siden

    Phallus Cast is the next single.

  • Nino Chandra Wijaya
    Nino Chandra Wijaya16 timer siden

    who played as the boyfriend? anyone know?

  • D. Lewis
    D. Lewis16 timer siden


  • Tony P
    Tony P16 timer siden

    I ain’t trying to park my Bently next to your Toyota

  • Frank Huff
    Frank Huff16 timer siden

    The serious mother-in-law formerly mate because bakery histomorphometrically flap save a empty cornet. dynamic, utter roll

  • Bm124 124
    Bm124 12416 timer siden

    "Mom can I get an evil henchmen?" "No, we have henchmen at home" *Evil henchmen at home*

  • FineL Layout
    FineL Layout16 timer siden


  • Juned
    Juned16 timer siden

    I bet, the Sniper who took the Headshot is Key Himself ...LMAO...